List of characters from the Scrooge McDuck universe

List of characters from the Scrooge McDuck universe

Characters from the Scrooge McDuck universe. The families are listed chronologically, the others are listed alphabetically.


*List of members of the Clan McDuck
*Duck family
*Coot Kin
*Gearloose family

Other relatives of Scrooge

*Gladstone Gander
*Gus Goose
*Ludwig Von Drake
*Rumpus McFowl


*Bentina Beakley
*Bubba the Caveduck
*Jose Carioca
*Clara Cluck
*Duckworth the Butler
*Fenton Crackshell
*April, May, and June Duck
*Daisy Duck
*Dickie Duck
*Donna Duck
*Moby Duck
*The Junior Woodchucks
*Brigitta McBridge
*Launchpad McQuack
*Scottie McTerrier
*Goldie O'Gilt
*Peter Pig
*Panchito Pistoles
*Jubal Pomp
*Emily Quackfaster
*Howard Rockerduck, the father of John D. Rockerduck.
*Theodore Roosevelt
*Webby Vanderquack
*O.K Quack


*The Beagle Boys
*Blackheart Beagle
*Azure Blue
*Dijon the Thief
*Emil Eagle
*Flintheart Glomgold
*Arpine Lusène
*Argus McSwine
*Ma Beagle
*Magica De Spell
*The McViper Clan
*Merlock the Magician
*Mr. Molay
*John Rockerduck
*Lawyer Sharky
*Soapy Slick
*The Whiskervilles

Historical figures in Scrooge McDuck stories

In several Don Rosa stories, Scrooge McDuck encountered historical people. The most notable of these encounters was with U.S. president Theodore Roosevelt. Roosevelt and Scrooge would meet each other at least three times: in the Dakotas in 1883, in Duckburg in 1902, and in Panama in 1906. Rosa is famous for his historical accuracy: he checks historical records to make sure that the figures he writes about could have plausibly taken part in those adventures. (This also extends to scientific accuracy for the most part.)Other historical people who met Scrooge:
* Elias Lönnrot, in Glasgow in 1877.
* Jesse James, several times in the late 19th century.
* Murdo McKenzie, in Montana from 1882 to 1884.
* Captain E. Moore, on the Cutty Sark in 1883.
* Sultan Mangkunagara V of Djokja, in Batavia in 1883.: (Which was actually an error since the ruler of Djokja at the time was Sultan Hamengkubuwono VII. The error was derived from the mistake on Don Rosa's source, an 1890's traveller titled "On The Subject of Java")
* Sultan Pakubuwana IX of Solo, in Batavia in 1883.
* Marcus Daly, in Butte, Montana in 1884.
* Jakob Waltz in Pizen Bluff in 1890.
* Geronimo, in Arizona in 1890.
* Buffalo Bill, in Arizona in 1890.
* Annie Oakley, in Arizona in 1890.
* P. T. Barnum, in Arizona in 1890.
* The Dalton Brothers, in Arizona in 1890.
* Adolf Erik Nordenskiöld, at the Chicago Universal Exposition in 1892.
* Wyatt Earp, in Skagway in 1896 and one year later in White Agony Creek.
* Bat Masterson, in White Agony Creek in 1897.
* Judge Roy Bean, in White Agony Creek in 1897.
* Butch Cassidy, in White Agony Creek in 1897.
* The Sundance Kid, in White Agony Creek in 1897.
* Sam Steele, in Dawson City in 1898.
* Jack London, in Dawson City in 1898.
* William H. Scarth, in Dawson City in 1898.
* Edith Roosevelt, in Panama in 1906.
* General Esteban Huertas, in Panama in 1906.
* John F. Stevens, in Panama in 1906.
* Captain George R. Shanton, in Panama in 1906.
* Robert Peary, close to the North Pole in 1909.
* Matthew Henson, near the North Pole in 1909.
* Nicholas II of Russia, in the Winter Palace in 1910.
* John Jacob Astor IV, on the RMS "Titanic" in 1912
* Frank Lloyd Wright, the designer of Scrooge's money bin.
* Sitting Bull, he was called "Standing Bull" until he lost a fight against Scrooge.

Furthermore, Don Rosa often hides images of himself, his friends or Carl Barks in his stories.

Miscellaneous characters

*Bombie the Zombie; stalked Scrooge for decades
*The Chickadees
*Neighbor Jones
*Hard Haid Moe
*Little Helper
*Maurice Mattressface
*Andold "Wild Duck" Temerary
*Witch Hazel
*Darkwing Duck and likewise associates from his own show, although established primarily by Launchpad and Gizmoduck's presence along with references to Duckburg.

(non-anthropomorphic) Animals

*General Snozzie
*Gus and Jaq
*Hortense the horse
*Señor Martinez
*Tootsie the Triceratops

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