Diagnosis of exclusion

Diagnosis of exclusion

A diagnosis of exclusion (per exclusionem) is a medical condition reached by a process of elimination, which may be necessary if presence cannot be established with complete confidence from examination or testing. Such elimination of other reasonable possibilities is a major component in performing a differential diagnosis.

Perhaps the largest category of diagnosis by exclusion is seen among psychiatric disorders where the presence of physical or organic disease must be excluded as a pre-requisite for making a functional diagnosis. Diagnosis by exclusion tends to occur where scientific knowledge is scarce, specifically where the means to verify a diagnosis by an objective method is absent. As a specific diagnosis cannot be confirmed a fall back position is to exclude that group of known causes that may cause a similar clinical presentation.


An example of such a diagnosis is "fever of unknown origin": to explain the cause of elevated temperature the most common causes of unexplained fever (infection, neoplasm, or collagen vascular disease) must be ruled out.

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