Tony Garnier (architect)

Tony Garnier (architect)

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Tony Garnier (August 13, 1869 Lyon – January 19, 1948, Roquefort-la-Bédoule, France) was a noted architect and city planner. He was most active in his hometown of Lyon.

Garnier is considered the forerunner of 20th century French architects. In 1901, after extensive study of sociological and architectural problems, he began to formulate an elaborate solution to the perceived issues concerning urban design. His basic idea included the separation of spaces by function through zoning into four categories including leisure/recreation, industry, work, and transport. Garnier published his major treatise "Une cité industrielle" in 1918.

Garnier designed a city that was partially adopted in the French city of Lyons. "Une Cite Industrielle" was designed as a utopian form of living. The plan allowed schools and vocational-type schools to be near the industries they were related to, so that people could be more easily educated. There were no churches or law enforcement buildings, in hope that man could rule himself. This plan was highly influenced by the writings of Emile Zola.

In the following decades this idea of functional separation was taken up by the members of CIAM, and would ultimately influence the design of cities like Brasilia.

Garnier designed the 1905 Halle Tony Garnier in Lyon.

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