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Journal of Experimental Biology

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title = The Journal of Experimental Biology
discipline = Comparative Physiology and Integrative Biology
language = English
website =
publisher = Company of Biologists
country = UK
abbreviation = "J. Exp. Biol", JEB
frequency = 24 per year
history = "The British Journal of Experimental Biology" (1923–1925)
ISSN = 0022-0949

"The Journal of Experimental Biology" is a peer-reviewed academic journal in the field of comparative physiology and integrative biology. The journal is published by The Company of Biologists from editorial offices in Cambridge, UK.


Established in Edinburgh in 1923, the journal was originally entitled "The British Journal of Experimental Biology" ("Br. J. Exp. Biol.": ISSN|0366-0788). Published by Oliver and Boyd, the journal was edited by F. A. E. Crew and an Editorial Board of nine members including Julian Huxley [ [ Editorial Board for Volume 1, Issue 1 - Journal of Experimental Biology ] ] . Unfortunately the journal soon ran into financial trouble and was rescued by G. P. Bidder in 1925, who founded The Company of Biologists [ [ Steindór J. Erlingsson ] ] [ [ Happy Anniversary JEB! - Phillips 207 (1): 1 - Journal of Experimental Biology ] ] . Following the appointment of Sir James Gray as the journal's first Editor-in-Chief in 1925, the journal was renamed "The Journal of Experimental Biology" in 1929 (ISSN|0022-0949).

Since the journal's establishment in 1923, there have been seven Editors-in-Chief: Sir James Gray (1926–1955), J. A. Ramsay (1952–1974), Sir Vincent Wigglesworth (1955–1974), John Treherne (1974–1989), Charlie Ellington (1989–1994) and Bob Boutilier (1994–2003). In 2004, Hans Hoppeler became the journal's current Editor-in-Chief.

The journal has published ground-breaking work in the areas of biomechanics [ [ JEB - Archive of Issues by Date ] ] , skin transplantation [ [ The Technique of Free Skin Grafting in Mammals - BILLINGHAM and MEDAWAR 28 (3): 385 - Journal of Experimental Biology ] ] and neurophysiology [ [ The Efferent Regulation of the Muscle Spindle in the Frog - KATZ 26 (2): 201 - Journal of Experimental Biology ] ] and has published work by Nobel Prize winners P. B. Medawar and August Krogh.

The modern journal

The journal currently publishes papers on a wide range of subjects ranging from biomechanics and metabolic physiology to neurophysiology and neuroethology. As well as publishing peer-reviewed research, the journal features additional material such as "Inside JEB" [ [ JEB - Table of Contents (June 15 2008, 211 [12) ] ] providing information about some of each issue's content, "Outside JEB" [ [ JEB - Table of Contents (April 1 2008, 211 [7) ] ] discussing literature published in other journals, "JEB Classics" [ [ JEB - Table of Contents (March 15 2008, 211 [6) ] ] revisiting key papers published in the journal's past, and "Commentaries" [ [ JEB - Table of Contents (November 1 2007, 210 [21) ] ] which review topics of current interest.

Issues from 1923 are available online via the journal website and HighWire Press as PDFs, with a text version available from 2000 [ [ JEB - Archive of Issues by Date ] ] . Content older than 6 months is available for free and all articles are available to readers in developing countries via the Health InterNetwork Access to Research Initiative.


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