GSM 02.07

GSM 02.07

The SMG GSM 02.07 Technical Specification (Version 7.1.0 Release 1998) called Digital cellular telecommunications system (Phase 2+); Mobile Stations (MS) featuresdefines Mobile Station (MS) features and to classifies them according to their type and whether they are mandatory or optional. The MS features detailed in this TS do not represent an exhaustive list. []


The lists of required and optional features of MS (mobile stations) are:

1.1 Display of Called Number M*1.2 Indication of Call Progress Signals M*1.3 Country/PLMN Indication M*1.4 Country/PLMN Selection M1.5 Keypad O (note 1)1.6 IMEI M1.7 Short Message M (note 4)1.8 Short Message Overflow Indication M1.9 DTE/DCE Interface O1.10 ISDN "S" Interface O1.11 International Access Function ("+" key) O (note 1)1.12 Service Indicator M*1.13 Autocalling restriction capabilities (note 2)1.14 Emergency Calls capabilities M (note 3)1.15 Dual Tone Multi Frequency function (DTMF) M (note 5)1.16 Subscription Identity Management M1.17 On/Off switch O1.18 Subaddress O1.19 Support of Encryption A5/1 and A5/2 M1.20 Short Message Service Cell Broadcast M1.21 Short Message Service Cell Broadcast DRX O1.22 Service Provider Indication O1.23 Support of the extended SMS CB channel O1.24 Support of Additional Call Set-up MMI Procedures O1.25 Network Identity and Timezone O1.26 Ciphering Indicator M*1.27 Network's indication of alerting in the MS O (NI Alert in MS)1.28 Network initiated Mobile Originated connection O1.29 Support of Localised Service Area O1.30 Support of GPRS Encryption M (note 6)

* Mandatory where a human interface is provided, i.e. may be in-appropriate for MS driven by external equipment.NOTE 1: The physical means of entering the characters 0-9, +, * and # may be keypad, voice input device, DTE or others, but it is mandatory that there shall be the means to enter this information.NOTE 2: MTs with capabilities for Autocalling, or to which call initiating equipment can be connected via the "R" or "S" interface, shall restrict repeated call attempts according to the procedures described in annex A.NOTE 3: Emergency calls shall be possible according to Teleservice 12 (see GSM 02.03 [2] and GSM 02.30 [7] ). This feature is only required to be provided by ME supporting Telephony.NOTE 4: Support of reception by the ME and storage of SMS MT in the SIM is mandatory, but its display is optional. Reception and storage of a message shall be indicated by the MS.NOTE 5: The use of DTMF is only mandatory when the speech teleservice is being used or during the speech phase of alternate speech/data and alternate speech/facsimile teleservices.NOTE 6: The implementation of GPRS encryption algorithm is mandatory for terminals supporting GPRS.


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