Nakayama Racecourse

Nakayama Racecourse
Nakayama Racecourse
Nakayama Racecourse01.jpg
Nakayama Racecourse Grandstand
Location Funabashi, Chiba, Japan
Owned by Japan Racing Association
Date opened 1907
Screened on TV Tokyo (Sat)
Fuji TV (Sun)
TVG Network (USA)
NHK (both General TV and BS-hi) (selected races)
Course type Flat, Steeplechase
Notable races Arima Kinen (Grand Prix)
Satsuki Sho
Nakayama Grand Jump
Sprinters Stakes
Asahi Hai Futurity Stakes
Nakayama Daishogai
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Nakayama Racecourse (中山競馬場 Nakayama-keibajō?) is located in Funabashi, Chiba, Japan. It is used for horse racing. It has a capacity of 165,676. It was built in 1990. It has 15,944 seats.

Physical attributes

Nakayama Race Course has two grass courses, a dirt course, and a jump course.

The turf's outer oval (外回り sotomawari?) measures 1840m (1 1/8 miles + 97 feet) with a 1600m and a 2200m chute, and the inner oval (内回り uchimawari?) measures 1667m (1 mile + 189 feet) with a 1400m chute. Races can be run on the "A Course" rail setting (on the hedge), the "B Course" setting (rail out 3 meters), or the "C Course" setting (rail out 7 meters).

1000m, 1400m, 1800m, 2000m, 2500m and 3600m races run on the inner oval, while 1200m, 1600m, 2200m, 2600m and 4000m races run on the outer oval. 3200m races run on the outer oval first, then the inner oval.

The dirt course measures 1493 meters (7/8 mile + 278 feet), with a 1200m chute.

Source: JAIR, Nakayama Racecourse,, retrieved 2007-02-26 

Nakayama Racecourse in 1989

Notable races

Month Race Distance Age/Sex
Grade I
Apr. Satsuki Sho (Japanese 2,000 Guineas) Turf 2000m 3yo c&f
Sep. / Oct. Sprinters Stakes Turf 1200m 3yo +
Dec. Asahi Hai Futurity Stakes Turf 1600m 2yo c&f
Dec. Arima Kinen (Nakayama Grand Prix) Turf 2500m 3yo +
Grade II
Jan. American Jockey Club Cup Turf 2200m 4yo +
Feb. / Mar. Nakayama Kinen Turf 1800m 4yo +
Mar. Yayoi Sho (Satsuki Sho Trial) Turf 2000m 3yo
Mar. Spring Stakes (Satsuki Sho Trial) Turf 1800m 3yo c&f
Mar. Nikkei Sho Turf 2500m 4yo +
Apr. New Zealand Trophy (NHK Mile Cup Trial) Turf 1600m 3yo c&f
Sep. St. Lite Kinen (Kikuka Sho Trial) Turf 2200m 3yo
Sep. All Comers Turf 2200m 3yo +
Dec. Stayers Stakes Turf 3600m 3yo +
Grade III
Jan. Nakayama Kimpai (Handicap) Turf 2000m 4yo +
Jan. Fairly Stakes Turf 1600m 3yo f
Mar. Ocean Stakes (Handicap) Turf 1200m 4yo +
Mar. Flower Cup Turf 1800m 3yo f
Mar. Nakayama Himba Stakes (Handicap) Turf 1800m 4yo+ f
Mar. March Stakes (Handicap) Dirt 1800m 4yo +
Apr. Lord Derby Challenge Trophy (Handicap) Turf 1600m 4yo +
Sep. Keisei Hai Autumn Handicap (Handicap) Turf 1600m 3yo +
Dec. Capella Stakes Dirt 1200m 3yo +
J-Grade I (Steeplechase)
Apr. Nakayama Grand Jump Turf 4250m 4yo +
Dec. Nakayama Daishogai Turf 4100m 3yo +

Coordinates: 35°43′32″N 139°57′45″E / 35.72556°N 139.9625°E / 35.72556; 139.9625

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