Attention work

Attention work

Attention work is the professional generation and brokering of attention. It is put in context by the attention economy. The expressions ‘attention workers’ and 'attention work' were coined by David Nordfors in 2006 [Nordfors, D: " [ PR and the Innovation Communication System] ", Innovation Journalism, Volume 3, No. 5, 25 October 2006, ISSN 1549-9049. republished by “ [ Strategic Innovators] ” (July-September 2007, Volume 1, Issue 3) ] .

Attention work done by attention workers is different from knowledge work done by knowledge workers [Nordfors, D: " [ Attention Work Vs Knowledge Work] " The Innovation Journalism Program at Stanford Blog, March 2008] .

Attention workers generate and broker attention professionally. Knowledge workers generate and broker knowledge professionally, working in a knowledge economy. Knowledge workers include scientists, engineers and analysts.

In the attention economy, attention is the key scarce commodity, expanding the market for attention work, generating and brokering attention. Attention workers are crucial to the creation and sustenance of attention economies. Examples are journalists working for advertising revenue-based media, public relations and communications professionals working for organizations or corporations, political and commercial lobbyists, advertisers, marketers, distributors and sales organizations.

The increase of innovation as a driver of economic growth is increasing the transformation of ideas into new value on the market. The competition between people pushing novelties is increasing, and with that comes increased competition for attention. The innovation economy is an attention economy. Attention work focussing on innovation, such as innovation journalism and innovation communication should be important in the innovation economy, [Nordfors, D: " [ Innovation Journalism as a Driver for Economic Growth] " Strategic Innovators Vol.1 Issue 3, Feb-Apr 2008 ]


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