Infobox Korean settlement
title = Gonghang-dong

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hangul = 공항동
hanja = linktext|空|港|洞
rr = Gonghang-dong
mr = Gonghang-tong
area_km2 = 10.84
pop = 23292
popnote =
popyear = 2001
popden_km2 = 2149
popdennote =
divs =

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Gonghang-dong is a "dong", neighbourhood of Gangseo-gu in Seoul, South Korea. Its name is originated from the fact that the area has Gimpo Airport (김포공항, pronounced|kimpʰo koŋhaŋ).cite web |url=http://www.encyber.com/search_w/ctdetail.php?masterno=732175&contentno=732175 |title=공항동 (Gonghang-dong 空港洞)|publisher=Doosan Encyclopedia |accessdate=2008-04-19|language=Korean|] cite web|url=http://www.gangseo.seoul.kr/dong/intro/history.jsp?dcode=GH0 |publisher=Gangseo-gu official site |title= The origin of Gonghang-dong |accessdate=2008-04-19 |language=Korean|]

Korean Air's headquarters are located in Gonghang-dong. [" [http://www.koreanair.com/local/na/gd/eng/au/ci/eng_au_ci_ov.htm#2 Company Info / Overview] ." "Korean Air". Accessed September 20, 2008.]

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*Administrative divisions of South Korea


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* [http://www.gangseo.seoul.kr/english/index.html Gangseo-gu official website]
*ko [http://www.gangseo.seoul.kr/portal/introduc/main4_map.jsp Gangseo-gu map] at the Gangseo-gu official website
*ko [http://www.gangseo.seoul.kr/dong/index.jsp Resident offices of Gangseo-gu]

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