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imgcaption = Amsa-dong Preshistoric Settlement Site
hangul = 암사동
hanja = linktext|岩|寺|洞
rr = Amsa-dong
mr = Amsa-tong
area_km2 = 4.7
pop = 73377
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popyear = 2001
popden_km2 = 15612
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Amsa-dong is a "dong", neighbourhood of Gangdong-gu in Seoul, South Korea.cite web |url= |title=암사동 (Amsa-dong 岩寺洞)|publisher=Doosan Encyclopedia |accessdate=2008-04-18 |language=Korean|] cite web|url= |publisher=Gangdong-gu official site |title= The origin of Amsa-dong| |accessdate=2008-04-18 |language=Korean|] The dong is well-known for the Amsa-dong Preshistoric Settlement Site in which Neolithic remains were excavated after a large number of diagonal-line patterned earthenware underneath the earth were accidentally discovered by a flood in 1925. [cite web|url= |title=Amsa-dong Prehistoric Settlement Site |publisher=Korea Tourism Organization|] [cite web|url= |title=Historical Attraction |publisher=KTDC|accessdate=2008-04-18 |language=English|]

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*Jeulmun Pottery Period
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* [ Gangdong-gu map] at the Gangdong-gu official website
*ko [ The Amsa 1 & 4 dong Resident office]

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