Timeline of Valdivian history

Timeline of Valdivian history

ImageSize = width:500 height:1200PlotArea = width:50 height:1180 left:40 bottom:10

DateFormat = yyyyPeriod = from:1500 till:2008TimeAxis = orientation:vertical order:reverseScaleMajor = unit:year increment:10 start:1500

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BackgroundColors = canvas:white PlotData= bar:Konflikt text:Vereinigte color:red width:25 mark:(line,white) align:left fontsize:M from:start till:1552 shift:($dx,$ar) text:"Pre Hispanic Valdivia" color:green at:1544 shift:($px,0) text:"<-1544: Discovery of Valdivia" fontsize:S at:1552 shift:($px,0) text:"<-1552: Founding of Valdivia" fontsize:S from:1552 till:1599 shift:($dx,5) text:"Ruled by the General Capitancy of Chile" color:yellow at:1575 shift:($px,$ar) text:"<-1575: Mayor earthquake " fontsize:S from:1599 till:1602 shift:($dx,$ar) text:"City abandoned" color:green from:1602 till:1604 shift:($dx,5) color:yellow from:1604 till:1645 shift:($dx,5) text:"Abandoned to the natives" color:green at:1643 shift:($dx,$ar) text:"<--1643: Dutch ~occupation" fontsize:S from:1645 till:1740 shift:($dx,-9) text:"Ruled directly by the Viceroyalty of Peru" color:orange at:1684 shift:($dx,$ar) text:"<--1684: The city is placed in its ~current location" fontsize:S from:1740 till:1811 shift:($dx,$ar) text:"Ruled by the General Capitancy of Chile" color:yellow from:1811 till:1812 shift:($dx,0) text:"Patria Vieja" color:blue from:1812 till:1820 shift:($dx,$ar) text:"Spanish~reconquista" color:yellow from:1820 till:end shift:($dx,10) text:"Republic of Chile" color:blue at:1850 shift:($dx,$ar) text:"<--1850: First Germans immigrants arrive" fontsize:S at:1895 shift:($dx,$ar) text:"<--1895: The railroad reaches Valdivia" fontsize:S at:1917 shift:($dx,$ar) text:"<--1917: First "Semana Valdiviana" and ~"Reina de Los Ríos" beauty content" fontsize:S at:1960 shift:($dx,$ar) text:"<--1960 Valdivia earthquake" fontsize:S at:1973 shift:($dx,$ar) text:"<--1973 Chilean coup d'état" fontsize:S at:1976 shift:($dx,$ar) text:"<--1976 Valdivia is placed in Los Lagos Region" fontsize:S at:1990 shift:($dx,-9) text:"<--1990: Transition to democracy begins" fontsize:S at:2007 shift:($dx,$ar) text:"<--2007: Los Ríos Region is created" fontsize:S

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