Western American English

Western American English

The west was the last area in the United States to be reached during the gradual westward expansion of English-speaking settlement and its history shows considerable mixing of the linguistic patterns of other regions. As the settlement populations are relatively young when compared with other regions, Western American English is a dialect area in formation.


*"buckaroo": cowboy; Anglicization of "vaquero".
*"be all": used as a quotative.
*"be like": quotative; now used throughout the country.
*"hella": adverb; "very"
*"like": filler word; now used throughout the country.

Phonology and phonetics

Local dialects


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* [http://www.stanford.edu/~eckert/vowels.html California Vowels]
* [http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=1693373 Dr. Eckert's Interview About Northern California Speech]

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