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firstgame="Mega Man Legends"
series="Mega Man Legends series"
creator=Keiji Inafune
japanactor=Chisa Yokoyama
inuniverse=Mega Man character
loyalty=The Bonne family, especially Tron Bonne

Servbot (Kobun in Japan, which roughly means "little follower") are a series of characters from the "Mega Man Legends" series. They are not a single character but one of a group of 41 small, indestructible robots made by the air pirate Tron Bonne to do her bidding. Each Servbot has its own ability from cooking to cleaning to battle, and they do various chores on board the Bonne family airship the "Gesellschaft". They first appear in "Mega Man Legends" as an enemy of sorts which Tron sends to rob banks and cause a general commotion. However, by "Mega Man Legends 2", the Servbots begin to treat Mega Man more kindly (though still antagonistically), thanks in part to their mother's crush on Mega Man. They behave like children and love and adore Tron like a mother, however strict she may be with them. Despite their small size, they can be quite powerful fighters and are vital to the Bonnes success as pirates. Servbots also love to eat spaghetti, curry, and drink coffee.


Servbots are similar in appearance to little Lego figures and are often referred to as "Lego People" for that reason. They also serve as the comic relief throughout the Legends series. During their adventures in "The Misadventures of Tron Bonne", the Servbots don't seem to realize (or perhaps care) that they're stealing or doing anything wrong. Rather, they probably see their missions as just playing or simply doing anything they can to make Tron happy. They are unconditionally loyal and will gladly do anything for Tron, in contrast to the disloyal and double dealing Birdbots.

Other Appearances

*Servbots accompany Tron in "Marvel vs. Capcom 2" and "Namco x Capcom" during several of her special moves, including her "MvC2" super moves "King Servbot" and Lunch Rush.
*A Servbot appears as a playable character in "Marvel vs. Capcom 2" as only a cute, useless joke character. However, because of his diminutive size, he is incredibly hard to hit, and some attacks will miss him completely. A good example is Venom's "Venom Web" and most of Abyss' second form's moves, which Servbot is immune to. As such, Servbot is considered the smallest unmodified character to ever appear in a fighting game. While he does the least damage in the game and has the lowest level of vitality, one of his Hyper Combos does considerable block damage.
*In Maximo: Army of Zin, the head of a Servbot can be found as a platform to jump from in one of the later stages.
*In the Capcom game "Dead Rising", the main character can enter a toy store themed around Servbot. You can take plastic Servbot heads and place them on yourself, or put them on Zombies. Also there is an unlockable MegaMan costume in the game.
*In the "Mega Man Battle Network" series, Lan's best friend, Mayl, has a Servbot doll in her room.
*In "", Jean Reno's character, Jacques Blanc, has a Servbot on the first weapon he obtains.


*In "The Misadventures of Tron Bonne", there is a special promotional "Servbot 41" for players that subscribe to the Japanese magazine "Dengeki G" [] . The game describes him as a mysterious Servbot with unknown origins. It bears mentioning that Mega Man is asked to be "Servbot 42" in a letter written by a Servbot.
*Servbot 40 in "The Misadventures of Tron Bonne" becomes interested in interior design and talking about his feelings. The in-game description mentions that he is "learning that it's ok to be different." Ironically, in the Japanese version of this game, Servbot 40 is intensely perverted. With this in mind, many of his "innocent" activities "(Reading a "style" magazine, investigating Tron's drawers, etc...)" don't appear to be quite so innocent any more.
*Several Servbot-like enemies make an appearance in "Mega Man X8". These enemies, like the Servbots, are tiny in stature, have rounded, Lego-shaped heads and small pincers for hands. Unlike the Servbots, however, they do not have any legs (they hover), are obviously not indestructible, and their primary colour scheme is green and pale yellow, instead of blue and yellow. These enemies can be seen possessing Mavericks (which subsequently makes them stronger) and in the training areas of Optic Sunflower's level.
*The Servbot head is an item/weapon that can be found at the Child's Play toy store on the first floor of Paradise Plaza in the Xbox 360 video game Dead Rising.

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