Color progression

Color progression

Color progressions are ranges of color whose values transition smoothly through a hue, saturation, luminance, or any combination of the three. There may be multiple steps in the progression as well - for example, it may start by transitioning from red to yellow, from yellow to grey, and from grey to black.A familiar example of a color progression is the color range represented in a rainbow.


Color progressions are often utilized in maps and other visual representations of data in order to convey additional information. GIS tools use color progressions to indicate elevation and population density, among others. SimCity, a city simulation computer game, uses a version of color progression in its geographical maps.

Image editing and creation

Image editing tools such as Adobe Photoshop commonly refer to color progressions as "gradients."

Images of fractals are often created with a palette that utilizes smooth color progressions, which tend to emphasize the intricate detail the fractals contain.

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