List of types of limestone

List of types of limestone

The following is a list of various types of limestone according to location.


British Isles

* Carboniferous limestone
* Blisworth Limestone
* Ketton Stone
* Portland limestone
** Portland Admiralty Roach
** Portland Bowers Basebed
** Portland Bowers Lynham Whitbed
** Portland Bowers Saunders Whitbed
** Portland Grove Whitbed
** Portland Hard Blue
** Portland Independent Basebed
** Portland Independent Bottom Whitbed
** Portland Independent Top Whitbed
** Portland New Independent Whitbed
* Corallian Limestone
* Coniston Limestone
* Aymestry Limestone
* Lincolnshire limestone


* Solnhofen limestone

Middle East


* Meleke

North America

United States

* Coquina
* Indiana limestone
** Harrodsburg limestone
* Kaibab Limestone
* Kasota limestone
* St. Louis Limestone
* Keystone (limestone)
* Greenbrier Limestone
* Ste. Genevieve Limestone
* Madison Limestone
* Bear Gulch Limestone



* Tamala Limestone
* Wallabi Limestone

New Zealand

* Oamaru stone

Generic limestone categories

* Coral rag
* Shelly limestone

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