Bangladesh Marine Fisheries Academy

Bangladesh Marine Fisheries Academy

Bangladesh Marine Fisheries Academy (BMFA) is the only national profession-oriented government training institution of Bangladesh, established in 1973 to prepare and train those cadets who are willing to make their career in the fishing sector and other related maritime industries.


The oceans and seas constitute about 72% of the earth’s surface and exert a profound influence on mankind. From the time immemorial, the seas have been serving as international ways for ships and fishing grounds. The direct promotion of economy by tourism, trade, shipping and recreation is one of the major off set of ocean resources management. In modern times, 90% of the world trade moves by sea route. On other hand, over 90% of the planet’s living and nonliving resources are found within a few hundred kilometers of the coast and nearly 2/3 of world’s population lives on the sea coast. Ocean is a cornucopia of wealth providing fisheries for food, minerals, chemicals, oil, gas and energy. Since the oceans are the repositories of nature’s trove consisting of living and nonliving resources, therefore it has immense potentials for catering to the needs of mankind. Today, the major focus of marine activities tends to lie in mankind’s search for food, energy and scarce mineral resources. Already 15 % of the world’s supply of animal protein comes from fisheries. Bangladesh being a first line littoral state of Indian Ocean is having a very good source of marine resources in Bay of Bengal. Bangladesh is having an exclusive economic zone of convert|41000|sqmi|km2, which is 73% of the country’s land area. On the other hand, Bangladesh being a small and developing country overloaded with almost unbearable pressure of human population. In the past, people of Bangladesh were mostly dependent upon land-based proteins. But, the continuous process of industrialization and urbanization is consuming our limited land area practically everyday. Now there is no other alternative way than to harvest the vast under water protein from Bay of Bengal, which can meet up our demand. Therefore, to explore and exploit the sea resources from convert|41000|sqmi|km2 of Exclusive Economic Zone, Bangladesh required to train personnel for our Fishery Sector which, inspired Government to establish Marine Fisheries Academy (MFA).

Bangladesh Marine Fisheries Academy (BMFA) is the only national profession-oriented Govt. training institution of Bangladesh established in 1973 to prepare and train those cadets who are willing to make their career in the fishing sector and other related maritime industries.

It was established to provide Navigators, Engineers and Processing Technologists in fishing sectors. The Academy embarked upon a training programme for Nautical, Marine Engineering, Marine Fisheries and other courses and recruited its first batch cadets in 1974. The Academy possesses extensive maritime and commercial fishing training facilities and prepares industry-based experts through teaching. Academy has built up an enviable reputation as the provider of excellent trained manpower. The cadet training course offered in BMFA meet the professional needs of industrial fishers and seafarers.

Establishment & Location of Academy

After liberation war of 1971 it was felt that the country lacked skilled manpower for judicious exploitation and harvesting of marine fisheries resources from Bay of Bengal. Thus the call for a national institution to train and educate personnel for Bangladesh maritime fisheries industries began in 1972. The year was also the beginning of a rapid technological change in the deep sea fishing, with the introduction of large and sophisticated deep sea fishing vessels. Government realized that without skilled manpower i.e. qualified officers, growth of an efficient fishing fleet would be impossible. With that end in view Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh on 1st September, 1973 established Marine Fisheries Academy on a beautiful landscape on the southern bank of the river Karnaphully, opposite to Sadarghat, Chittagong. Its geographical position is 22° 19.0' N latitude, 91° 49.8' E longitude, which is about 1 km from the city center. Since its inception Academy is shouldering the responsibilities of exploring and pooling the seafaring talents of the country and training them in well planned and well organized manner as Navigator, Engineer and Fish Processing Technologist. The Academy is capable to produce sufficient trained human resources to meet the requirement of the country’s seafarers and to spare these trained human resources for employment in other countries.

Administrative Control

Academy started its journey as a project of Bangladesh Fisheries Development Corporation (BFDC) and on 20 April 1988 it came under the administrative control of Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock as a project. But on 01 July 1993 the Academy was transferred to revenue budget under the same Ministry. Since then the Academy is functioning under the Administrative control of the Ministry. The functional authority of the Academy is vested on the Principal who has three assisting organs namely Academic Council, Board of Studies and Board of Discipline. The Academy has officers and staffs to carry out the instructional duties as well as administrative functions. To cover up the shortage of permanent instructors the Academy has number of required regular visiting lecturers as well. The Academy is having three departments and an administrative wing.

Academic Courses and Curriculum

BMFA educates and trains cadets for the deep sea going fishing vessels, processing plants and other maritime industries. To do this it has designed a range of Bachelor degree courses under National University, Gazipur. These are accredited courses, which mean they are recognized throughout Bangladesh and elsewhere. In case of professional qualification it is recognized by the appropriate professional bodies throughout the world. These courses are for those who want to serve at sea on board fishing/merchant vessels and on shore as processing technologists and so on.

B.Sc.(Pass) Nautical

This is a comprehensive course for nautical education which provides academic and practical training on Navigation to the trainee cadet officers. Cadets of this course are trained up in such a way that they can navigate the ship by using stars and planets whenever satellite dependent electronic equipment betrays. This is a 3 (Three) years duration B.Sc.(Pass) course.


The syllabus of Nautical Branch is prepared in conformity with IMO's convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watch keeping (STCW'95) for Seafarers. The following subjects are taught in Nautical Branch:

Principles of Navigation


General Ship Knowledge


Ocean and practical Navigation

Engineering Knowledge for Deck Officers

Terrestrial and Coastal Navigation

Ship Safety, Environment Protection and Personal care

Electro-Navigation Aid

Watch keeping


Ship Manoeuvering and Handling

Physics, Mathematics and General English

Prospects of Nautical Branch: Cadets passed out from this Academy are serving in different capacity on boar Fishing and Merchant vessels both in home and abroad. At the beginning of the career on completion of requisite service cadets become eligible to appear in the Certificate of Competency (CoC), conducted by Department of Shipping, Dhaka to achieve higher positions on board ships. Moreover experienced Navigators serve in various shore-based organization as Manager, Director and Adviser and as Instructor in Maritime Training Institutions.

B.Sc.(Pass) Marine Engineering

Cadets of this course complete a three-year full-time course in operation, maintenance and repair of marine engines and ship propulsion systems. Cadets undergo at least 24 weeks of industrial/sea practices. They also do sufficient workshop practices.


The syllabus of Engineering Branch is prepared in conformity with IMO's convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watch keeping (STCW'95) for Seafarers. The following subjects are taught in Engineering Branch:

Mechanics and Hydrodynamics

Thermodynamics and Heat Transmission

Naval Architecture and Ship Construction

Marine Engineering Knowledge (General)

Marine Engineering Practice (Repair and Mounting)

Marine Engineering Practice (Workshop Theory)

Engineering Drawing

Marine Engineering Knowledge (Motor)

Marine Electro Technology

Ship Safety, Environment Protection and Personal care

Marine Engineering Knowledge (Practical)

Marine Engineering Practice (Workshop Practical)

Physics, Mathematics and General English

Prospects of Engineering Branch: After successful completion of three years course at the Academy, the Engineering cadets can find jobs in diverse positions as Engineer on board Fishing or Merchant vessel. Besides finding employment on board ship, they will find a good opportunity in shore-based industries.

B.Sc.(Pass) Marine Fisheries

This is fully integrated professional course for the persons who are willing to prepare themselves for variety of careers in the fishing Vessels, Fish Processing Plants, Aquaculture Farm and Hatcheries etc. Cadets get sufficient practical training at sea and in various processing plants and aquaculture industry.


The syllabus of Marine Fisheries Branch is prepared as per standard of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) in aquaculture, on board fishing vessels and shore based processing industries. The following subjects are taught in Marine Fisheries Branch:

Elements of Marine Fisheries

Coastal Aquaculture

Fisheries Biology, Aquaculture and Environmental Assesment


Applied Fisheries

Fisheries Oceanography

Fish Processing and Engineering

Quality Control and HACCP Management


Ship Safety, Environment Protection and Personal care

Post-harvest T4echnology

Intensive/Industrial Training

Zoology, Bio-Chemistry and General English

Prospects of Marine Fisheries Branch: After successful completion of this course the passed out cadets can accommodate themselves into the commercial Fishing Industry, Fish Processing Industry, Hatchery, Aquaculture Farm, NGO's Processing Technologists, Quality Control Officers, Managers and Consultant.

Overseas Employment Opportunity

Approximately 40% of the so far passed cadets of this academy are presently working in different organizations in various capacities all over the world.

General Information for Cadet Admission

Applications are invited from interested male citizens of Bangladesh for admission in B. Sc. (Pass) Nautical, B. Sc. (Pass) Marine Engineering and B. Sc. (Pass) Marine Fisheries Courses of Marine Fisheries Academy under the affiliation of National University , Gazipur. The vital information regarding admission are appended below:

Availability of Forms: Admission forms are available in this website and can be downloaded in single page (Size 13.5” x 8.5”) on both sides. In addition, forms will also be available in following address as per the date mentioned newspaper advertisement.

1.Principal, Marine Fisheries Academy , Fish Harbour , Chittagong - 4000.

2.Director, Marine Fisheries Department, CGO Building – 01, Agrabad, Chittagong 4000

3.Principal, Notordame College, Arambag, Dhaka – 1000.

4.Deputy Director, Department of Fisheries, Rajshahi Division Office, Rajshahi.

Last Date of Submission: Application may be submitted in the Academy by hand or by mail but it has to reach Academy on or before date mentioned in newspaper advertisement. Call up letter for written examination will be forwarded by Academy to the respective mailing address mentioned in the application form.

Date and Time of Holding Written Test: Probable date will 4th week of September as mentioned in newspaper advertisement.

Centers of Written Test: Written Test will be held in two centres in Dhaka ( Note Dame College) and Chittagong at the same date and time. Option of Courses: One candidate may apply for any one course or for all three courses.

Eligibility of the Applicant:

For Nautical and Engineering Course: The Applicant must pass SSC and HSC examination with Mathematics minimum in 2 nd Div or with GPA 2.5. In case any candidate had mathematics as forth subject he has to obtain at least 40% marks in that subject.For Marine Fisheries Course: The Applicant must pass SSC and HSC examination with Biology minimum in 2 nd Div or with GPA 2.5. In case any candidate had Biology as forth subject he has to obtain at least 40% marks in that subject.Candidates appeared HSC Examination in 2006 and fulfill the above criteria may apply but he has to attach a certificate from the Head of his last Educational Institute that he has appeared HSC exam and expected to pass with minimum GPA 2.5.Maximum age limit of the candidate is 20 years on the date as mentioned in the newspaper advertisement.Candidate should be of good health and having minimum height and weight 162.5 cm and 50 kg respectively.

Procedure of Collecting Application Forms The application forms may be collected from the addresses mentioned earlier by depositing a bank draft of taka 250/= from any branch of Agrani Bank and payable to Principal, Marine Fisheries Academy, Agrani Bank Isa Nagar Branch, Chittagong . The candidate who will download application form from this website will have to submit similar bank draft of taka 250/ along with the application. Procedure of Submitting Application Forms In what ever means the application forms have been collected, they are to be submitted along with all required certificates/papers mentioned in the form to the Principal in the Academy. Submission may be made by hand or by mail but the application has to reach Academy on or before the date mentioned in the newspaper advertisement.

Written Test

This test is conducted on HSC standard subjects like English, Physics, Chemistry and General Knowledge which are common subjects for both Nautical/ Marine Engineering and Marine Fisheries Groups, Mathematics for Nautical/ Marine Engineering Group and Biology for Marine Fisheries Group. If someone opts for all three Departmental courses then he has to appear all six subjects.

Warning The responsibility of reaching the application in Academy lies with the candidate. What ever may be the cause of delay in receiving, no application will be accepted after the date mentioned in newspaper advertisement.Incomplete and more than one application from the same candidate will be rejected.The candidate must know how to swim.Photocopies of all required certificates, mark sheets, admit card of HSC Exam and testimonial with date of birth to be submitted with application.Any influence for admission will be considered as disqualification of the candidate.



0515 Cadets Call

0530 Morning Prayer

0600 PT

0630 Secure P. T. make up beds properly & wash

0715 Breakfast

0745 Parade

0800 Colour hoisting

0840 Secure Parade

0900 Follow Class routine�to

1415-1425 Lunch

1545 Cadets to Tea

1600 Fall-in for games

1710 Secure Game

1725-1915 Magreb Prayer & Self Study

1925 Cadets to Supper

1945 Clean ship for Inspection

2000 Inspection by O.O.D.

2030- 2125 Self Study in Class room

2200 Watching T.V. News

2220 Secure Watching T.V.

2230 Pipe down.


0515 Cadets Call

0530 Morning prayer

0600 PT

0630 Secure P. T. make up beds properly & wash

0715 Breakfast

0745 Parade

0800 Colour hoisting

0900 Seniors change into working and Juniors into cleanship rig

0915 Fall in for clean-ship / Swimming

0920 Clean-ship commences / Start for Swimming pool

1045 Secure cleanship, return gears, wash & change

1100 Stand Easy

1115 All Cadets assemble in the Recreation room for Debate or Principal’s / HODs’ Talk.

1230 Cadets to Library work (CC, DCC & Station Leaders to remain Standby for rounds of Adjutants/ Hostel Provost).

1315 Secure Round

1330 Lunch and then as per normal routineFRIDAY ROUTINE

0515 Cadets Call

0530 Morning prayer

0710 Breakfast

0800 Colour by colour party;

0830 Indoor Games/Reading Magazine/Watching TV

1030 Air Bedding

1200 Secure Air bedding. Wash and change into prayer rig

1245 Muslim cadets to mosque for Jumma prayer

1300 Jumma Prayer

1340 Dinner

1530 Tea

1600 Games (optional).

1700 Secure games.

1930 SupperThen as per Daily Routine


0515 Cadets Call

0530 Morning prayer

0710 Breakfast

0800 Colour by colour party; Junior Shore leave Party to register names in shore Leave Register & put in their signatures with time.

0805 Shore leave Party fall in front of Hostel Gate in outing rig. Dresses checked by CC/ DC (OOD to supervise).

0810 Senior shore leave party to put in their signatures in the shore leave register

0820 Shore leave party leave for BFDC Pontoon Head

0830 Academy boat leaves Pontoon (Bus to remain stand by at Cadet block gate).

1030 Other cadets make and mend /Ietter writing /Watching TV.

1315 Dinner

1530 Tea

1600 Games (optional

1615 Boat leaves BFDC Pontoon with the short shore leave party

1700 Secure games.

1800 Boat leaves Sea Resource Jetty with shore leave party

1930 SupperThen as per Daily Routine


1. Daily Division will be attended by the Officer of the Day as per roster. CCC/ DCC is to remind the concerned officers every morning at 0700 hrs.

2. Principal along with all other Instructors will attend morning parade on Sunday and Wednesday.

3. All cadets will have Flashing exercise on all duty days of Signal Instructor immediately after Magreb Prayer.

4. Arrangement for watching TV on special occasions may be made by OOD with the permission from Principal.

Training System

The total duration of training of the cadets is three years. Out of that 1st and 2nd year training is conducted in the Academy to cover the theoretical aspects of professional and academic subjects. On completion of each year, they attend year final examination conducted by the National University. In the 3rd year they undergo practical sea training for 24 weeks onboard deep sea fishing vessels and the rest of the 3rd year covers industrial training, practice and ancillary courses. On successful completion of these courses they attend final examination under National University. Thereafter the Marine Fisheries Academy training culminates with the passing out parade and award of graduation certificates.

Dimension of Training

Training in Marine Fisheries Academy has four dimensions. Through out their stay in the academy cadets are trained on four major aspects as shown below: a) Character Building : Development of sound and balanced character, truthfulness, honesty, hard work and dedication to duty and self respect has maximum focus in MFA training. (b) Professional Training : MFA syllabus includes the professional subjects like Maritime Science (Nautical), Ship Board Operations, Maritime Science (Engineering), Engineering Sciences, Marine Science and Post Harvest Technology. (c) Academic Training : MFA teaches the subjects of English, Physics, Mathematics, General Zoology, Bio-Chemistry and Bangladesh Studies. (d) Physical Training : MFA conducts physical training and parade, which contributes to the physical development, in addition it instills qualities like coolness, alertness, courage, self control, concentration, companionship and healthy sense of team sprit in the Cadets. DISCIPLINE

Ability to command the subordinates and carry out orders and superiors with utmost speed, promptness and judgment is of paramount importance for marine officers onboard ship. This can only be expected from those who have developed complete adherence to the norms of discipline, which is essentially regarded as cumulative display of qualities of head and heart, sound training and professional competence. As such, due emphasis is laid on these aspects and the whole training programme and the activities of the Academy are designed to achieve this goal i. e. a high standard of discipline as in the Maritime Academies and similar other training institutions of the world. The Principal of the Academy reserves the right of dismissing any cadet at any time from the course or awarding any other suitable punishment in the event of breaking the rules of discipline of the Academy.


An Academy Cadet1. Remains smart, alert and lively at all times2. Considers his personal cleanliness and the cleanliness of the Academy as his personal responsibility3. Obeys all orders smartly and cheerfully4. Places duty before any other consideration5. Does not shrink from any responsibility or duty given to him; in fact he volunteers to shoulder responsibility .6. Speaks the truth regardless of consequences7. Is honest8. Behaves as a gentleman9. Is ready to do good at all times10. Learns to admire more than condemn11. Is fair and just to all irrespective of their religion or place of residence12. Is broad minded and free from parochial feelings13. Does all his works by his own hands thus demonstrating dignity of labour in action.14. Does not protect wrong-doers15. Does not conceal facts or evidence16. Upholds the good name of the Academy at all times17. Devotes whole-heartedly to his studies18. Takes an all round interest in all Academy activities19. Develops an attitude of: Friendliness to all, Service before self; Give rather than take; Oblige rather than be obliged20. Wins respect by merit alone ( Merit mean ~ all round ability and good character)21. Remains cheerful and submissive under all circumstances22. Feels honour bound to report any breaches of Code of Conduct to his Cadet Captain, Deputy Cadet Captain or to the Officer of the Day without fear or favour


Cadets are granted shore leave (liberty) during weekend and other Government holidays from 0900 hrs to 1800 hrs. This facility allows the cadets to proceed ashore. A leave or liberty may be curtailed if a cadet's conduct is found unsatisfactory. The Divisional Officers / OODs / Adjutant may extend, reduce or cancel leave or liberty when it seems that such action would be in the best interests of the Academy.


On completion three years course in the Academy the cadets are given the B. Sc. (Pass) Degree from National University and the cadets are handed over Pre-Sea Nautical / Marine Engineering / Marine Fisheries certificates through a ceremony, which is called “Passing Out Parade” This is the most colourful event and a very special occasion for which the cadets keep on waiting. During passing-out parade all cadets of the Academy carry out different colourful march-past like the cadets of the Armed Forces Academy and show marks of respect to the Chief Guest of the Ceremony in presence of distinguished guests and parents of the cadets. So, with an internationally accepted Pre-sea training certificate and a graduation degree from the National University the vast ocean and sea-door of both home and abroad becomes open to them as their working fields. Medals and Prizes:During passing out parade following medals / prizes are awarded to the deserving cadets:The Gold Medal for the best all round cadet of the Academy. The best cadet is also awarded a crest from the Marine Fisheries Academy.

* The Silver Medal for the best cadet in the Nautical branch.
* The Silver Medal for the best cadet in the Engineering branch.
* The Silver Medal for the best cadet in the Fisheries branch.

"'Now top 10 cadets from Nautical and 10 Cadets from Engineering Branchis given the CDC by the academy. Rest of the passed out cadets will gradually get the CDC after serving one year in Fishing Vessels. So there is no difference now between Marine Academy and marine Fisheries Academy Cadets."'

Some ex-cadets of BMFA


Capt. Shafiul Alam Bhuiyan

In Chittagong. Serving Silvia Ship Trade, Singapore as Master. He is an Ex-Cadet and former Nautical Instructor of Marine fisheries academy, Chittagong. He obtained his Class 1 Master Mariner from Singapore.Home address: Soikat Cottage, 657 Rampura, Chittagong 4228Home phone: +880 (031) 710820E-mail:

Neaz Morshed (Marine Fisheries Academy 22nd Batch)

In Singapore. Was serving First Marine Services, Japan as Deck Cadet. He attended Badda Alatunnessa High Schoo (l997) and BAF Shaheen College (1999). Attending Class 3 Deck in Singapore.Home address: Inderhowla, Awar, BarisalHome phone: +880 28854552E-mail:

Mohammed Tajuddin

In Australia. He Was serving as 2nd officer in country ship for more than three years. He graduated from Marine Fisheries Academy, Chittagong on 1997. In 2002, he moved to Australia for Higher study in Information Technology. He has completed his Master in Information System from the University of Notre Dame Australia. He is well experienced in web programming, Networking, Hardware and software. He has joined Telstra ( as technical support officer in 2004. Currently he is working as a system developer and analyst programmer for Department of Environment and Conservation. He is specialised in Oracle Apex and PL/SQL, Microsoft SQL server 2005, MySQL, PHP,, JAVA etc. He has done lot of research work during his study and work. His personal website: and formerly . He also maintain the Fisheries Cadet website: . His other websites are - You can find his online books collection at

Md. Mahfuzul Karim

In Chittagong. Serving First Marine Service Co. Ltd., Japan, as 4th Engineer. He passed out from Bangladesh Marine Fisheries Academy, Chittagong (17th Batch).Office address: C/O Haq & Sons Ltd. ChittagongHome address: House 22, Road 04, Lane 02, B-Block, Halishahar Housing Estate Chittagong 4216Home phone: +880 (031) 717420

Md. Zahidul Islam

In Bogra. Serving First Marine Service, Japan as Chief Officer. Residing in Bogra with his Wife Mrs. Kamrun Islam (13/01/98) and son Mr. Md. Meftahur Bin Zahid (03/05/99). He attended Rangpur Cadet College (Batch 6) and Marine Fisheries Academy, Chittagong (Batch 12). Office address: C/O Hoque And Sons. ChittagongHome address: House 26, Road 15, Nishindara Housing Estate, Bogra 5800Home phone: +880 (051) 63303

Capt. Abdullah Al Mahboob(Marine Fisheries 15th Batch)

In Chittagong. Serving Haq and Sons, Chittagong, as Unix OJT-BD. Residing in Chittagong with his wife Mrs. Delowara Begum (17/12/01) and daughter Tuba Abdullah (17/02/05). He attended Faujdarhat Cadet College (HSC 1989).Home address: 217 Garibullah Housing Society, ChittagongHome phone: +880 (31) 614521 Mobile: +880(189) 342919Email:


Gazi Mohammad Aourangzeb (Marine Fisheries Academy,23rd Batch)

In Singapore.Born in Noakhali.Passed B.Sc(Marine Engineering)from Marine Fisheries Academy.HSC(STAMFORD COLLEGE)& SSC(T&T HIGH SCHOOL)Son of Md. Shahjahan (Bachchu)& Mrs. Akther Jahan.At present serving as a Safety Engineer in SMOE Pte Ltd, Singapore.Hp: +65 91958207, email-

Md Salahuddin Kader Mazumder (Marine Fisheries Academy,23rd Batch)

In Singapore.Born in Comilla.Passed B.Sc(Marine Engineering)from Marine Fisheries Academy.HSC(Comilla Victoria College)& SSC(Ibna Taimia High School)Son of Md.Fazlul Hoque Mazumder& Mrs.Johora Hoque.At present serving as a Safety Officer in SMOE Pte Ltd, Singapore.Hp: +65 93435390, email-


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* [ Admission Circular Of 30th Batch]

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