Kayani Mughal

Kayani Mughal

The Mughal Kayani (Urdu: Hindko کیانی مغل ) are a Mughal clan based in Rawalpindi, northern Pakistan.[1] They are distinct from the Gakhar tribe, which is also found in Rawalpindi.



In South Asia, Mughal and Turk are both interchangeable and sometimes used to identify the same ethnic Turko-Mongol people.[2]

In referring to the Mughal recruits into the British Imperial Army regiment, J.M. Wikely advised;

...there is little difference between the Túrk and Moghal. The word 'Moghal' even where it is used in an ethnic sense, is frequently misapplied, so as to comprise of many tribes of real Túrki race...The best known clans are - The Barlás, Chagatta and Kiáni

—J.M. Wikley, Major of the British Imperial Army of India, Punjab Musalmans Regiment[3]

The first British colonial census of Punjab returned 3,861 Mughal Kayanis of the Rawalpindi district.[4]

Denzil Ibbetson further elaborates;

Others say that the Mughals proper, and especially the Chughattas and Qizilbashes are Kayanis[4]

In view of the above, the existence of a tribe identified and acknowledged as Mughal Kayani is clear.


The Rawalpindi Gazetteer of 1904 records their existence as a Mughal tribe resident in Rawalpindi.[1]


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