Originally a graffiti crew founded in Staten Island around 1996, 1134nyc is currently an urban art company based in Brooklyn. Comprising collective of artists and designers including MINT, SERF, GOAL and HEILS.

They are known for their laser-cut stickers and stencils.

The stencils, which feature the number 1134 and a bomb, were mistaken for a terrorist threat in 2004. "Some theorized the '1134' referred to November 3, 2004, the day after Election Day, while others postulated it was a Europeanization of the date of the Madrid bombings on March 11, 2004. All thought that the “NYC” appearing in the bomb was a reference to a planned attack, communicated by the stenciled logo they spotted on the city streets." http://www.ephemeroi.com/unsleeping/arkv/002488.html

They have also contributed to Mass Appeal Magazine and a special edition of the book, "Autograf by Peter Sutherland" (ISBN 1-57687-203-3).

External links

* http://www.MINTANDSERF.COM
* http://www.THEMIRF.COM
* http://www.1134nyc.com Official Website
* [http://canalchapternyc.com/exhibits.php?aid=17]

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