Moody Middle School

Moody Middle School
Moody Middle School
2115, St. John's St.
Port Moody, British Columbia, Canada
School board School District 43 Coquitlam
Principal Terry Watt
Vice principal Ceri Watkins
School type Middle school
Grades 6-8
Language English
Area Port Moody, BC
Colours Royal Blue, Red, White
Enrolment 750 (Sept. 2007)

Moody Middle School is a grade 6 to 8 public middle school in Port Moody, British Columbia.



The school originally opened as a high school in 1952, to replace the old Port Moody Central School.

A fire in 1969 destroyed the original building. A replacement building was available for the return of classes in autumn 1970. The school was converted to a junior high school in 1973, as another high school opened to take the increased population of students in the area. In 1997, the school was renamed to Moody Middle School to conform to the school district's new alignment of elementary / middle / high school. In 2007, they changed from Raiders to Mavericks.

The school is located in Port Moody, British Columbia, Canada, which is a suburb 30 minutes east of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

School life

About 800 students attend this school. They have a very strong group of athletes each year. Students can participate in Volleyball, Cross Country(Running), Field Hockey,Swimming, Basketball, Wrestling, Track And Field, Rugby and Badminton. In addition to the sports teams, the school offers a variety of clubs and activities which include Internet research, mountain bike club, chess club, game club, photo journalism, life rec,calculus club, and a pop culture class. Each spring Moody puts on a thetare performance with lots of help from teachers, students in the stage craft class, and many actors and actresses. Most recently they performed The Wizard of Oz.

Other services that are available to students include counselling, peer tutoring, leadership, library research, student learning assistance, special needs students education, ESL program as well as a multicultural club.[citation needed] Laptops are also given to some students to use for school work and students return the laptops at the end of the school year. Moody has started a composting and recycling program.[citation needed]

Facility renewal

On April 1, 2009, Liberal MLA Iain Black announced the future construction of two new schools to relieve the explosive growth in population Moody Middle has experienced over the past decade. These include the construction of a new middle school on Heritage Mountain by 2012, and another new middle school set to replace the current, outdated structure by 2014 partly due to it being more vulnerable to potential earthquakes in this seismically active region.


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