Juno may refer to:

In mythology:
* Juno (mythology), the Roman goddess of marriage and queen of the gods

In astronomy and space exploration:
* 3 Juno, an asteroid
** Juno clump, a probable asteroid family in the vicinity of 3 Juno
* "Juno" (spacecraft), a planned NASA mission to Jupiter
* Juno I, a satellite launch vehicle
* Project Juno, a private British space programme

In film, television and video games:
* "Juno" (film), a 2007 Academy Award-winning comedy-drama
* "Jenny, Juno", a 2005 Korean film
* A character in the film "True Lies"
* A character on the television show "Pic Me"
* The main character in the video game "Jet Force Gemini"
* A character in the video game "Mega Man Legends"
* A character in the film "Beetlejuice"
* A character in the film "The Descent"In music:
* "Juno" (soundtrack), the soundtrack to the film "Juno"
* Juno (band), a musical group
* "Juno" (musical), a Broadway musical
* "Juneau" (song), a song by Funeral for a Friend
* Juno Award, a Canadian music award
* Juno Reactor, a trance music project
* Juno Records, an online music store
* Roland Juno-60, a synthesizer manufactured in the early 90s
* Roland Juno-106, a synthesizer manufactured in 1984
* Roland Juno-G, a synthesizer/workstation manufactured since 2006
* "Juno", a song by Throwing Muses on their album "House Tornado"
* "Juno", a song by Tokyo Police Club from their album "Elephant Shell"
* "Juno", a song by Life Without Buildings from their album "Any Other City"

In literature:
* Juno ("Dune"), a character in the "Dune" universe

People bearing this name:
* Juno Temple, an English actress
* Juno Mak, a Hong Kong music artist
* "Juno" Blair B, creator of the webcomic "Star Cross'd Destiny"

* HMS "Juno", the name of seven Royal Navy vessels
* Honda Juno, a scooter
* A locomotive in the South Devon Railway Dido class
* A locomotive in the GWR Banking Class

Other meanings:
* Juno, Georgia, a town
* Juno Beach, a landing site during World War II
* Juno Online Services, an internet service provider

ee also

* Juneau (disambiguation)
* Juno Beach (disambiguation)

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