At Any Cost

At Any Cost

"At Any Cost" was a 2000 VH1 original movie, aired under the "Movies that Rock" banner. It starred Eddie Mills (Sabrina Goes to Rome) as Lance, Maureen Flannigan (Out of this World) as Chelsea, James Franco (Spider-Man (film)) as Mike and Glenn Quinn (Roseanne) as Ben.


"At Any Cost" is the story of a local rock band and what lengths they would go to to make it in the music industry. Original advertisements for the movie billed it as "Every Behind the Music story you've ever imagined wrapped into one movie." Brothers Lance and Mike, along with Lance's wife Chelsea, are the band Beyond Gravity. Their manager is Lance's best friend Ben. Ben gets Beyond Gravity to signed to a small record label, but the label is not comfortable with Mike's heroin habit and Ben is told to get rid of him. After failed attempts to convince Lance that Mike is a liability, Ben gives Mike (who is now clean) a dose of bad heroin and Mike dies. With Mike out of the band they now have the full support of the label. Before anyone realizes it they start to get larger than life. Soon Chelsea quits the band, citing that it's not fair for their small son to have to stay with grandparents all the time while the band is touring. Beyond Gravity gets a new lead guitar and bassist and the band is bigger than ever. In a moment of weakness, Lance sleeps with the new female bassist and is caught by Chelsea. Lance's life starts crashing in around him, while Ben is using the band to become a major player in the music industry. Chelsea and their son are in a car accident. No one is severely hurt but this event does prompt a reconciliation between her and Lance. They pitch a Lance solo album to another producer (Gene Simmons) who likes it. Lance soon sees that Ben has been corrupted and learns that he murdered Mike. In a confrontation, Lance is thrown from the balcony of Ben's mansion and is hurt. Ben had already called the police, but when they get to the scene they mistake Ben's cell phone for a gun and kill him. The movie ends on a good note, however. Beyond Gravity is no more but Lance intends to pursue the solo career correctly, not like last time.

Home Video

At Any Cost was only released on VHS and as of yet still has not been released on DVD. The VHS copy is extremely rare.


Eddie Mills sang all of Beyond Gravity's songs himself. The movie also included songs from bands like Barenaked Ladies and Eagle-Eye Cherry.

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