Zhuge Dan

Zhuge Dan


Zhuge Dan (died 258) was a general of the Wei Kingdom. He helped crush Wuqiu Jian's rebellion against the Wei Kingdom in 255. Ironically, he later rebelled against the Wei Kingdom for reasons similar to Wuqiu Jian's reasons for rebelling, because he thought that the Simas were planning to usurp the Wei Dynasty. He sent one of his sons as captives to the Wu Kingdom and received aid from the Wu Kingdom. However, his rebellion failed and he was killed. Zhuge Dan's son, Zhuge Jing (诸葛靓) fled to Eastern Wu and became a high ranking official, and after the destruction of Eastern Wu by Jin Dynasty (265-420), he went into hiding, refusing to serve Jin because his father was killed by Simas. However, Zhuge Jing's son, Zhuge Hui (诸葛恢), the grandson of Zhuge Dan, did serve in the imperial court of Jin. [citebook|title=Empresses and Consorts|author= Shou Ch en, Robert Joe Cutter, William Gordon Crowell|year= 1999|publisher=University of Hawaii Press|id=ISBN 0824819454|pages=223|url=http://books.google.com/books?id=QKI8drNuRVIC&pg=RA3-PA223-IA1&ots=HcCiWqafAN&dq=%22Zhuge+Dan%22&ie=ISO-8859-1&output=html&sig=ZiaE2B4QewLbnS_Mhnwm5E340Gc]

Personal information

* Cousin
** Zhuge Liang (诸葛亮)


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