Mayuko Takata

Mayuko Takata

Mayuko Takata (高田万由子 Takata Mayuko, born January 5, 1971) is a Japanese actress, best known in the western world for her appearances on the Japanese TV show Iron Chef.

She was born in Tokyo, Japan. Her husband is Japanese violinist Taro Hakase and they live together in London, England.


Iron Chef

Takata's role in the series was limited to commentator and judge. She has no culinary training. She appeared in the show well dressed and of cheerful disposition. During the actual cooking of the competitors, she proved to be a good foil to Dr. Yukio Hattori, making insightful predictions as to how the chefs would possibly prepare the various ingredients. She often said,"Mmmmm," while tasting dishes. Her culinary commentary frequently focused on the overall taste of the dishes.


  • April 1977 to 1990: Shirayuri Gakuen, a Catholic school for girls in Japan, with an emphasis on English language;
  • April 1987 (likely a component of study abroad program, at Gakuen): Institut Le Rosey in Switzerland (The Swiss Confederation), a very expensive boarding house in Switzerland in which Takata would have been in the company of princesses, heiresses, and the children of very powerful individuals;
  • April 1990 to March 1994: University of Tokyo - BA, focusing on Western History.

Language abilities

She is fluent in Japanese and English, and conversant in French.

Selected filmography


  • Goto Shi Kabushiki Kaisha (ゴト株式会社?) (1993)
  • Goto Shi Kabushiki Kaisha 2 (ゴト株式会社2?) (1994)
  • UFO Kamen Yakisoban: Ikari no Agedama Bomber (UFO仮面ヤキソバン 怒りのあげ玉ボンバー?) (1994) (Voice)

TV dramas

  • June Bride (ジューン・ブライド?) (1995, TBS)
  • Miss Cinderella (1997, Fuji TV)
  • Madame Mari (伝説のマダム Densetsu no Madam?) (2003, NTV)

Other television

  • Takeshi & Itsumi's Heisei Board of Education (たけし・逸見の平成教育委員会 Takeshi, Itsumi no Heisei Kyōiku Iinkai?) (1991, Fuji TV)
  • Iron Chef (料理の鉄人 Ryōri no Tetsujin?) (1994–1995, Fuji TV) - Judge and guest commentator
  • Sunday Japon (サンデージャポン Sandē Japon?) (2001-2006, TBS) - Regular commentator
  • Very Very Saturday! (ベリーベリーサタデー!?) (2005, Kansai TV/Fuji TV)
  • Let's Know It! (知っとこ Shittoko?) (2005, MBS/TBS)
  • Baribari Value Around The World (世界バリバリ★バリュー?) (2005, MBS/TBS)
  • Hanamaru Market (はなまるマーケット?) (2005, MBS/TBS)

Media career


  • Yokohama City File (1993-1995)

Written Works

  • The Cherry Blossoms Have Come Out: My Tokyo University Passing Story (サクラサク。~わたしの東大合格物語 Sakura Saku: Watashino Todai Gokaku Monogatari?) (2000, 198 pages)
  • Takata's Way: Advice For Successful Study (たかたま道~ミーハー学のススメ~ Takata Ma Michi: Miha Gaku No Susume?) (2000, 173 pages)
  • Takata was responsible for translating the Alistair, Le Crocodile Vert series of children's storybooks from French to Japanese. The three original books were authored by Florence Grazia and illustrated by Isabelle Charly.
  • Alistair The Green Alligator (2004) - Original title: Alistair, Le Crocodile Vert
  • Alistair The Green Alligator: Lucie And The Smile Doctor (2004) - Original title: Le Pari d'Alistair
  • Alistair The Green Alligator: Lucie's Search For Treasure (2004) - Original title: La Croisière d'Alistair
  • Mayuko Takata's Loveful Gift Recipe Cookbook (高田万由子の愛いっぱいの贈り物レシピ?) (2005, 111 pages)
  • 24 Hints For A Happier Family (家族がもっと幸せになる24のヒント?) (2005, 143 pages)
  • Takata has also published or participated in the publication of many essays and magazine articles, including:
  • Jukenban Papiyon (受験版パピヨン?) (1993, published by Gakken)
  • Yasei Jidai (野生時代?) (1993, published by Kadokawa Shoten)
  • Asashi Chugakusei Weekly (朝日中学生ウィークリー?) (1994, published by Asahi Shimbun)
  • Kongetsuno Mitai Shiritai Kataritai (今月の見たい知りたい語りたい?) (1995, published by Classy Magazine)
  • Ripple (1995, published by Keihin Electric Express Railway)
  • FYTTE (1996, published by Gakken) [1]
  • Raku (?) (1997, published by Magazine House)
  • Shinseikijin (新世紀人?) (2001, published by Tokyo Shimbun)
  • Yomiuri Shimbun Evening Newspaper (contributes an article every month)
  • Fuji Bank Thanks... (contributes an article every month)
  • Shinano Mainichi Shimbun (contributes an article every month)
  • Felissimo (フェリシモ?) (contributes an article every second month) [2]
  • Suku Suku Kosodate (すくすく子育て?) (published by NHK Publications) [3]
  • Shinkin Visa: Clear Forecast ( しんきんVISAはれ予報?) (published by VISA) [4] [5]
  • Kids Style (キッズスタイル?) [6]

Commercial Work

Stage Work


  • Takata has been involved with the Pink Ribbon Smile Walk (for breast cancer awareness month)

Political Appointment

Takata was appointed as Goodwill Ambassador to the Nation of France in 2000.

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