Helion (publisher)

Helion (publisher)

Helion is a Polish publisher. Created in 1991, it is the self-claimed "leading publisher of computer books in Poland." [cite web |url=http://helion.pl/owyd/2/1.htm |title=Wydawnictwo Helion, księgarnia helion.pl -- O Wydawnictwie |accessdate=2008-04-12]

The long-term development strategy of Helion SA Publishing Group consists in creating brand priority in different segments of the book market and building a community of loyal customers. The Publishing Group operates in five sectors, creating an individual brand and a separate marketing strategy for each of them. For Helion Publishing Group, brand marketing is a philosophy of operation, maximizing print-runs and sales revenue.

In 2007 it published the DVD version of Polish Wikipedia. [cite web |url=http://helion.pl/ksiazki/wikipe.htm |title=Wydawnictwo Helion, księgarnia helion.pl - Książka "Wikipedia"|accessdate=2008-04-12]

What we publish, or the brands of Helion S.A. Publishing Group

Helion (IT literature) -- over 1800 titles published, for computer users regardless of their advancement level. The books are purchased by both IT professionals and by people who see information and digital technologies as a necessary element of their work, study or entertainment. In the IT books sector, Helion has been an indisputable leader for many years. In 2006, over 80% of IT books sold in Poland were published by Helion SA.

Onepress (business books) -- within three years since launching the brand on the market, Onepress has become the leader in the sector of business self-help books and books on economics. 400 titles being sold, targeted at managers and business owners, are often ranked in bestsellers lists in Polish bookstores and retail chains. It is under the Onepress brand that the best of "Harvard Business School Press" books are published in Poland.

Sensus (psychology advice books) -- are roadmaps to the world of our wants, feelings and interpersonal relations. They help you in choosing your own path, devising your life philosophy and making every day of your life happy. These books touch upon such subjects as the emotional sphere, personality development, self-awareness and discovering the psyche’s secrets. Also, many books on work psychology and soft skill development appeared under this brand.

Septem (advice literature) -- a brand targeted at the mass market. It is carefully selected advice literature both for people with an insatiable passion for knowledge and for all those who look to books for good advice and interesting entertainment. Septem touches upon a wide range of subjects concerning health and wellness, personal development and interesting activities to do in your free time.

Editio (literary books) -- intelligent non-fiction and top shelf fiction ensure excellent, wise entertainment. Editio gives carefully selected literature to people who think and expect a book to be more than just a time killer.
Dla bystrzaków (For Dummies) -- the Polish edition of the most popular and most recognized advice book series in the world, "For Dummies". It is an indispensable "tool kit" for any knowledge prospector. The books are written with a light touch and full of humour, containing at the same time clear information prepared by experts in given areas.

Publishing activity worthy of a daily newspaper

"Within 15 years of its existence, Helion published over 2200 titles and thus is one of the most active publishers in Poland. In 2006 alone the editors prepared 434 book premieres. It is more than 8 books each week!"

"Marketing is more than advertising, it is strategy"

Marketing research -- every marketing strategy is based on customer and readership research. It forms the basis for selecting individual elements of the marketing-mix.

Individual brand marketing -- for each segment Helion SA Publishing Group has independent marketing, always adjusted to the readers’ behaviours and expectations, and complying with the brand’s CI. The marketing know-how is constantly modified with the latest techniques, most often pioneering on the Polish market.

Promotion at points of sale -- 60% of purchase decisions on the Polish book market are made at points of sale. Therefore, POS promotion and merchandising are key factors for publishing success. Every year Helion supplies over 90,000 advertising and display materials, in several dozen creations (display stands, posters, carton stock displays, carton dummy books, light boxes, book stands, book catalogues, promotional gifts etc.) to most of the points of sale pf books in Poland.

Public Relations -- Market research shows that information about a book in the media and recommendations of opinion leaders are the 3rd factor in choosing to purchase the book. In 2006 alone the Polish media described Helion’s publications 400 times and our authors frequently appear on TV and radio programs.

Advert -- Helion advertises proactively in the Polish media, in the press, on the radio and TV, as well as in the internet. Over 80 special promotional mailing actions are carried out annually (about 8 million promotional offers are sent).

Helion SA Sales Department is considered a model example of book distribution on the Polish market. This form of distribution excludes wholesalers and consists in direct cooperation with the retail chain. The Sales Department is formed by a dozen sales representatives, efficient logistics division and one of the biggest internet bookstores in Poland.Number of points of sale reached -- Sales representatives reach over 900 points of sale with the book offer, including all major Polish bookshops, bookshop chains and most of hypermarket chains in their own distribution network. Internet bookshops -- online sales account for over 20% of Helion SA Publishing Group’s annual turnover. It is the best result in Poland. In 2006 alone, Helion SA online services sold books worth 5.6 million zlotys, gained 3 million users and filled 70,000 individual orders.

Prizes and distinctions

"Gazela biznesu"

Helion S.A. belongs to the group of the most dynamically developing companies in small and medium entrerprise sector. For three years in a row the editors of "Puls Biznesu" together with the provider of services for business information Coface Intercredit Poland have awarded the publishing house with the title of "Gazela Biznesu". "ASY EMPiK-u"

Books from the ABC series were declared to be the most desirable products in the category of computer science handbooks in a plebiscite "ASY EMPiK-u" organized by the biggest network of bookstores in Poland. "ASY EMPiK-u" are honorary, annual awards given to music, book, film and multimedia bestsellers sold in EMPiK stores all over the country. "The Product of the Year 2005" by the "CHIP" magazine

In 2005 Readers of computer magazine "CHIP" awarded the title of "Product of the Year" to the book PHP and MySQL Web Development, 3rd Edition published by Helion under the title PHP i MySQL. Tworzenie stron WWW. Vademecum profesjonalisty. Wydanie trzecie. The aim of the plebiscite is to find the best products in the computer branch; products that have seriously influenced Polish computer market, achieved predominant position and fulfilled customers′ and readers’ expectations. "EDUKACJA XXI"

A schoolbook published by Helion S.A. — Informatyka Europejczyka. Podręcznik dla gimnazjum by Jolanta Pańczyk — was awarded with the prize EDUKACJA XXI. The book was unrivalled in the most important educational category: "schoolbooks". The prize recognizes educational and cognitive value and editorial level of books by Polish authors./ Official website] pl icon


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