Canada Car Company

Canada Car Company

Canada Car Company was a railcar manufacturer based in Turcot, Quebec (a suburb in Montreal) and later merged with several other companies to form Canadian Car and Foundry in 1909.

Canada Car Company was incorporated January 1905 with W.P. Coleman as president and Sir Hugh Allan as vice-president.

The company's plant began operations in 1905 and manufactured freight and passenger cars.


* Grand Trunk Railway and Grand Trunk Pacific Railway - 12,000 freight cars and 250 passenger cars (wood)
* Quebec, Montreal & Southern - 1,500 steel underframe box cars with Dominion Car and Foundry
* Montreal Street Railways - 10 streetcars
* Hart-Otis Car Company - Hart convertible ballast cars
* Grand Trunk Railway - 30 steel underframe flat cars
* Temiskaming & Northern Ontario Railway - three parlour-cafe cars
* Canadian Northern Railway - four wooden dining cars


* wood freight and passenger cars
* box cars
* streetcars
* flat cars
* palour cafee cars
* dining cars


* [ Canada Car Company]

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