The Bükk Mountains (IPA2|bykː; literally "Beech Mountains") are a section of the Carpathian Mountains in northeastern Hungary. Much of the area is included in the Bükk National Park.

Although Kékes, the highest point in Hungary, is not here but in the nearby Mátra Mountains, the average height of the Bükk Mountains–with more than 20 peaks higher than 900 m–exceeds that of Mátra. The highest point of Bükk is Istállóskő (958 m), third highest in Hungary after Kékes and Galyatető.

There are 853 known caves in the mountain range, including István-lápa, the deepest cave in Hungary (250 m), the archaeologically important Szeleta cave, the Cave Bath (a main tourist attraction of Miskolc-Tapolca, the Anna Cave, and the István Cave. 45 of the caves are protected because of their fauna and microclimate.

The mountain is also famous for its skiing facilities located around "Bánkút". There are a number of maintained ski slopes equipped with several J-bar lifts. The long traditions of skiing - on the racing and recreational levels - in Bükk are fostered by local enthusiasts constituting the "Bánkút Ski Club" also in charge of operating and developing one of the largest alpine ski centres in Hungary (http://www.bankut.hu).

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* [http://www.unep-wcmc.org/sites/pa/0083v.htm Bükk National Park]
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