S. Albert Kivinen

S. Albert Kivinen

S. (Seppo) Albert Kivinen (b. October 19 1933, Ikaalinen) is a Finnish author and doctor of philosophy and docent emeritus of University of Helsinki, [Kuka kukin on 2001, Otava 2000] known for his occult interests and study of monsters. He is an onetime winner of the Atorox prize for best Finnish short Story, for his Lovecraftian pastiche "Keskiyön Mato Ikaalisissa". Albert S. Kivinen is a wellknown fixture in Finnish academia besides a proponent of study of the history of the occult with a sceptical bent, he has proposed his own novel theory of reality called "ontic communism" which would imply reality being defined purely in a collective fashion by experiencers.

Personal History

Kivinen did his dissertation 1977 in the University of Helsinki in theoretical philosophy. He worked as the chairman of the Finland-Mongolia society in the early 1970s and as a member of the board of trustees of the Finnish Parapsychological society 1972-1974 and the Transscendentaaliradieastrian society during 1974-1987. He also served as the chairman of Skepsis society (the Finnish skeptics society).

Besides his writings based on the mythos created by H. P. Lovecraft, he has also recorded politico-philosophic songs even with the co-operation of such notable Finnish artists as M. A. Numminen


S. Albert Kivinen has in his study of ontology researched the problem of universality, and has set himself on a stance of realism, and a notion of "ontic communism", which he puts into words in the form of "There are many individuals in the world. These individuals have diverse similar (and distinguishing) characteristics." Also the mind-body problem has interested him. Besides Aristotle, his influences have been the Cambridge philosophers Bertrand Russell, G. E. Moore and C. D. Broad. Of which the last one being his avowed favorite.


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Notable articles

* ”Mitä 'paranormaaleilla ilmiöillä' tarkoitetaan?” in the work Paholaisen asianajaja: Opaskirja skeptikolle (The Devils Advocate: A Manual For the Skeptic).


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