List of High Sheriffs of Cambridgeshire and Huntingdonshire

List of High Sheriffs of Cambridgeshire and Huntingdonshire

This is an "incomplete" list of High Sheriffs of Cambridgeshire and Huntingdonshire until the abolition of the office in 1965.
*1215–1224 Falkes de Breauté
*1652–1653 Levinus Bennetcite web | url=| title= thePeerage| accessdate= 2007-01-28]
*1740: Chestern Peru
*1830: John Guillum Scott, of Somersham [LondonGazette|issue=18652|startpage=257|endpage=258|date=2 February 1830|accessdate=2008-09-21] [LondonGazette|issue=18659|startpage=413|date=26 February 1830|accessdate=2008-09-21]
*1831: John Bendyshe, of Kneesworth [LondonGazette|issue=18772|startpage=194|endpage=195|date=1 February 1831|accessdate=2008-09-21]
*1832: Thomas Page, of Ely [LondonGazette|issue=18900|startpage=254|endpage=255|date=6 February 1832|accessdate=2008-09-21]
*1833: Denzil Onslow, of Great Staughton [LondonGazette|issue=19019|startpage=246|date=5 February 1833|accessdate=2008-09-21]
*1834: Richard Huddleston, of Sawston [LondonGazette|issue=19125|startpage=206|date=4 February 1834|accessdate=2008-09-21]
*1835: John Fryer, of Chatteris [LondonGazette|issue=19238|startpage=235|endpage=236|date=9 February 1835|accessdate=2008-09-21]
*1836: George Thornhill, of Diddington [LondonGazette|issue=19353|startpage=223|endpage=224|date=5 February 1836|accessdate=2008-09-21]
*1837: John Dobede, of Soham [LondonGazette|issue=19462|startpage=232|endpage=233|date=31 January 1837|accessdate=2008-09-21]
*1838: William Layton, of Woodhouse Ely [LondonGazette|issue=19586|startpage=232|date=1 February 1838|accessdate=2008-09-21]
*1839: Sir Richard Hussey Hussey, of the Views [LondonGazette|issue=19704|startpage=214|date=9 February 1839|accessdate=2008-09-21]
*1840: Thomas Mortlock, of Little Abingdon [LondonGazette|issue=19819|startpage=197|date=31 January 1840|accessdate=2008-04-09]
*1841: Joseph Marshall, of Elm [LondonGazette|issue=19948|startpage=303|date=5 February 1841|accessdate=2008-04-09]
*1842: John Linton, of Stirtloe [LondonGazette|issue=20067|startpage=285|date=4 February 1842|accessdate=2008-04-09]
*1843: Edward Humphrys Greene, of Hinxton [LondonGazette|issue=20192|startpage=371|date=1 February 1843|accessdate=2008-04-09]
*1844: Robert Hutchinson Lewin, of March [LondonGazette|issue=20311|startpage=347|date=31 January 1844|accessdate=2008-04-09]
*1845: John Bonfoy Rooper, of Abbotts Ripton [LondonGazette|issue=20439|startpage=315|date=4 February 1845|accessdate=2008-04-09]
*1846: Sir Charles Watson, 2nd Baronet, of West Wratting [LondonGazette|issue=20566|startpage=361|date=30 January 1846|accessdate=2008-04-09]
*1847: Robert Francis Pate, of Wisbech [LondonGazette|issue=20698|startpage=410|date=5 February 1847|accessdate=2008-04-09]
*1848: John Moyer Heathcote, of Connington Castle [LondonGazette|issue=20825|startpage=541|date=11 February 1848|accessdate=2008-04-09]
*1849: Ebenezer Foster, of Trumpington [LondonGazette|issue=20944|startpage=431|date=13 February 1849|accessdate=2008-04-09]
*1850: John Vipan, of Sutton [LondonGazette|issue=21065|startpage=313|date=5 February 1850|accessdate=2008-04-16]
*1851: George Rust, of Huntingdon [LondonGazette|issue=21181|startpage=363|date=11 February 1851|accessdate=2008-04-16]
*1852: William Parker Hamond, of Pampisford [LondonGazette|issue=21287|startpage=289|date=3 February 1852|accessdate=2008-04-16]
*1853: William Whitting, of Manea and Thorney Abbey [LondonGazette|issue=21409|startpage=329|date=8 February 1853|accessdate=2008-04-16]
*1854: George William Rowley, of the Priory, St. Neots [LondonGazette|issue=21517|startpage=265|date=31 January 1854|accessdate=2008-04-16]
*1855: Sir Williamson Booth, 2nd Baronet, of Gamlingay [LondonGazette|issue=21660|startpage=470|date=9 February 1855|accessdate=2008-04-16]
*1856: James Gay, of Upwell [LondonGazette|issue=21844|startpage=361|date=31 January 1856|accessdate=2008-04-16]
*1857: Sir John Henry Pelly, 2nd Baronet, of Warnham Court [LondonGazette|issue=21964|startpage=379|date=3 February 1857|accessdate=2008-04-16]
*1858: Christopher Robert Pemberton, of Newton [LondonGazette|issue=22091|startpage=539|date=3 February 1858|accessdate=2008-04-16]
*1859: John Dunn Gardner, of Chatteris [LondonGazette|issue=22226|startpage=454|date=2 February 1859|accessdate=2008-04-16]
*1866: Hon. Octavius Duncombe
*1888: John James Briscoe
*1891: William Henry Hall, of Six Mile Bottom, Newmarket, [LondonGazette|issue=26146|startpage=1653|date=24 March 1891|accessdate=2008-02-11]
*1923: Douglas James Proby
*1965: "See List of High Sheriffs of Cambridgeshire and Isle of Ely and List of High Sheriffs of Huntingdon and Peterborough"


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