Parenting, Inc.

Parenting, Inc.

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name = Parenting, Inc.

author = Pamela Paul
country = USA
language = English
subject = parenting
genre = Non-fiction
publisher = Times Books
release_date = April 2008
media_type = Print
pages = 320
isbn = ISBN 978-0805082494 (hardcover)
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Parenting, Inc.: How We Are Sold on $800 Strollers, Fetal Education, Baby Sign Language, Sleeping Coaches, Toddler Couture, and Diaper Wipe Warmers -- And What It Means for Our Children is a 2008 book by American writer Pamela Paul, discussing the industry that provides goods and services to the parents of young Americans.

The book has received reviews from the "The New York Times Book Review," "New York Observer", [ [ "Kitschy, Kitschy Coo: The Cost of Coddling Kids,"] Sheelah Kolhatkar, "New York Observer," 2 April 2008] "New York Post", [ [ "Million Dollar Babies,"] Susan Konig, "New York Post," 6 April 2008] and "Reuters". ["The commercialization of child-rearing," Lisa Von Ahn, Reuters, 3 April 2008] The "Observer" credits the book with "debunking the most absurd of the baby-marketers’ claims—including those behind the infamous Baby Einstein series." The Times, however, noted that the book concerns itself mostly with the situation of families in wealthy urban and suburban communities. [ [ "Pamperers,"] Kate Zernike, "New York Times Book Review," 6 April, 2008] A week later, the "New York Times Book Review" named the book an "Editors' Choice" [ [ "Browsing Books: Editors' Choice,"] "New York Times" Sunday Book Review, 13 April 2008]


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