FUSE (Certified Open Source SOA Solution)

FUSE (Certified Open Source SOA Solution)

FUSE is a set of open-source software components which are certified releases of Apache Software Foundation SOA projects.

FUSE was created to make it easier for companies to use leading community developed technologies as part of their Service-oriented architecture deployment strategy and take advantage of the economic benefits associated with the use of open source software. By providing certified Open Source distributions of a product, users can enjoy mitigated risk through enterprise-level support, consulting and training.

The FUSE family is supported by IONA Technologies, best known for its heritage in distributed computing and its Orbix product line.


The different components in the FUSE family include:

*FUSE ESB is the enterprise release of Apache ServiceMix. FUSE ESB is one of the first shipping implementations of the Java Business Integration (JBI)specification. FUSE ESB supports any JBI-compliant binding for connectivity, and enables any JBI-compliant engine to be integrated into the SOA backplane for message processing.

*FUSE Message Broker is the enterprise release of Apache ActiveMQ [http://activemq.apache.org/] . This is a high-performance solution for reliable messaging.

*FUSE Services Framework is the enterprise release of Apache CXF [http://incubator.apache.org/cxf/] . This is a pluggable service framework that provides the easiest environment available for Java developers to create Web services. It is the only services framework that fully implements the JAX-WS 2.0 specification, radically simplifying the process of exposing existing Java code as a Web service or writing new Web services.

*FUSE Mediation Router is the enterprise release of Apache Camel [http://activemq.apache.org/camel/] . This is a powerful tool for routing and process mediation that combines the ease of basic POJO development with the clarity of the standard Enterprise Integration Patterns.

*FUSE HQ is a SOA management and monitoring system based on Hyperic HQ Enterprise. It is integrated with the FUSE product family for real-time administration and control of FUSE SOA infrastructure.

External links

* [http://open.iona.com/ Developer Community]
* [http://open.iona.com/products/enterprise-servicemix FUSE ESB (enterprise ServiceMix)]
* [http://open.iona.com/products/enterprise-activemq FUSE Message Broker (enterprise ActiveMQ)]
* [http://open.iona.com/products/enterprise-cxf FUSE Services Framework (enterprise CXF)]
* [http://open.iona.com/products/enterprise-camel FUSE Mediation Router (enterprise Camel)]

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