Pakistan Television Corporation

Pakistan Television Corporation

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The Pakistan Television Corporation (abbreviated as PTV) (Urdu: پاکستان ٹیلیوژن کارپوریشن) is Pakistan's national television broadcaster. The first live transmission of PTV began on November 26, 1964, in Lahore. As of 2007, the PTV family includes six channels.


Unlike other state-run corporations, the television company was allowed by the Government of Pakistan to raise a sizeable amount of private capital to finance the stations. This includes a Rs25 pcm [ [ AsiaMedia :: PAKISTAN: PTV to earn Rs4bn thru licence fee: New collection system ] ] TV fee charge to all the consumers of electricity.

In October 1963, the government signed an agreement with the Nippon Electronic Company (NEC) of Japan to have NEC operate affiliates for PTV. On 26 November 1964, the first television station commenced broadcasts in the cities of Lahore, and Dhaka (then the capital of East Pakistan). Centres were established in Karachi and Rawalpindi/Islamabad in 1967, and in Peshawar and Quetta in 1974.

Originally broadcast in black and white, PTV began colour transmission on February 18, 1979. [ History of Pakistan Television Network] ] With this new upgrade in techniques and equipment, the Pakistan Television Academy was founded and opened in 1987 to teach students who wished to work in the medium. As with the other agreement, the government financed most of the funds while the private venture capitalists offered to fund the remainder.

During the decades of 1970s, 1980s and 1990s, PTV dramas and teleplays were considered as the best in Indian Subcontinent, like Khuda ki Basti, Unkahi, Tanhaaiyan, Angan Tera, Fifty Fifty, Studio Dhai (2-1/2), Studio Ponay Teen (2-3/4), Andehra Ujala, Sauna Chandi, Uncle Urfi, Taleem-e-Nabaligan, Alif Noon, Waaris, Dhoop Kinare, Sunehray Din, Alpha Bravo Charlie, Ana, Akhri Chatan, Zair Zabar Pesh and many others.


The broader perspective to start electronic media in the country was to inform and educate the people through wholesome entertainment and to inculcate in them a greater awareness of their own history, heritage, current problems and development as well as knowledge of the world at large.

In fulfillment of its broad and main objectives, PTV's telecast policy concerning various matters of national and international interests has always been motivated and guided by the cardinal principles of educating viewers about the values that are vitally important in building a united, integrated and disciplined society. These objectives have successfully been achieved through a variety of programs on religion, education, entertainment and culture.

The projection of new emerging social order is highlighted in PTV's general programming focusing directly and indirectly on the themes like morality, civic or national responsibilities, drive against narcotics, environmental pollution, agricultural reforms in discussions, shows, and through anchorpersons in the transmission.

PTV channels are family oriented and the salient features of its policy are as follows:

* PTV Corporation's broadcasts are family oriented and they carters the need of local audience by showing eastern family programs.

* It also acts on social development theory of media, that’s why it shows informative programs about health and social issues.

* It also plays a vital role in promoting government propaganda by ignoring ground realities and often display talk shows hosted by pseudo-journalists who invainly try to assure people that "All is well in the 'Land of Pure' ".

* It also censors commercials and it holds a very high moral standard as compared to other channels.

* It supports government policies on national and international matters.

Administrative Divisions of PTV

News Division

Pakistan Television News informs its viewers across the country on the latest newsworthy happenings on the national and international levels. During the past few years, there has been rapid expansion in the area and scope of news coverage.

• Following the Pakistani private news channels, PTV News gives on-camera reporting and special news reports.

• PTV news broadcasts stretch over from early morning till midnight. There are news bulletins in Urdu, English, Arabic and Kashmiri languages. All the news bulletins after 6.00 p.m. are being aired on the national network which are also beamed through satellite to more than 38 countries.

• Regional language bulletins include Punjabi from Lahore Centre, Sindhi from Karachi Centre, Pushto and Hindko from Peshawar, and Baluchi, Pushto and Bravi from Quetta Centre are telecasted.

• To bring home maximum coverage of international events, PTV news has made arrangements with Reuters TV, London, to satellite news items to PTV Islamabad round the clock. PTV news covers all visits abroad of VVIPs, international conferences and important other events through its own camera teams and makes possible to air them same night.

• PTV News has also been involved in projecting the right of self-determination of the people of occupied Kashmir and countering Indian propaganda war. PTV visualized several activities of Indian forces and Kashmiris in its weekly programmes, tele-films and news. PTV news has its permanent news bureau at Muzaffarabad, Azad Kashmir, to cover various events including visiting foreign journalists and foreign delegations. Like international networks, PTV news also sent its camera team to Afghanistan to cover the fighting between different groups and plight of the common man there.

Current Affairs

Current Affairs programmes has been a regular features of PTV Transmission, ever-since its inception. A separate PTV Current Affairs Directorate was however, established in 1982.

Current Affairs programmes, including regional languages, produced by each of the TV Centre are accommodated in regular PTV transmission. The themes of Regional Language programmes mainly revolve around local and provincial matters of current affairs nature. Current Affairs Division also produces programmes on special occasions such as live telecast of Armed Forces Parade on Pakistan Day, Live telecast of Flag Hoisting ceremony on Independence Day, Head of State's Address to the Nation, Documentaries on important national projects, live telecast of certain sessions of Senate and National Assembly. In the programme Open Forum, Federal Ministers/Minister of States are invited to answer the questions through e-mail, on Telephone and by Media/Experts sitting in the various studios of Ptv. This programme is live and is very popular amongst viewers.

ports Division

PTV Sports Division was created in 1983 to provide healthy entertainment to our viewers. It has emerged as an extremely productive and earning division for the PTV.

• The chief objectives of this division are to arrange healthy sports entertainment through the coverage of exciting moments and happening in the field of sports and to keep the viewers abreast with the National and International sports event.

• Presently Sports Division is producing 200 minutes regular weekly transmission on PTV apart from occasional International / National sports coverage. PTV also televises live national and international sports around the world, keeping in view the interest of Pakistani viewers.

International Relations

I R Division of participates in the International Television Festivals/Competitions held in different countries by sending best PTV-Programmes. PTV has won distinguished prizes and commendations.

A large number of programmes have been sold for telecast in different counties which resulted strength of the financial condition of PTV. M/s Shalimar Recording and Broadcasting Company and M/s Sports Star International are the major distributor of PTV programmes.

A lot of PTV plays and documentaries have been provided to foreign countries through Ministries and our missions abroad on gratis basis for the projection of Pakistan and its people.

Dubbing and editing is carrying out by I.R.Division. Some selected programmes are sub-titled in English and Arabic Languages for overseas projection especially for Muslim countries. Documentaries of National Geographic are being televised with Urdu dubbing. A series of animated imported programme "Treasure Island "is being dubbed in Urdu language for telecast. PTV has recently provided the satellite facilities to foreign agencies with regard to nuclear tests and earned approx.US$:04/- LAC.

PTV has procured foreign canned programmes on hire/rental basis. PTV procures foreign programmes including feature films, cartoons, science fiction, comedy, adventure, classic drama serials/series and general programmes.

PTV Film Censor Board

PTV Censor Board was formed in 1968 headed by Director Programmes Administration. It was separately instituted within PTV on the approval of Secretary Ministry of I&MD in December 1980 to clear and certify bulk of imported and locally acquired programmes with speed and efficiency. Consultant News/Current Affairs/Presentation presently heads the Board.


The Engineering Division takes care of the day to day operations and maintenance of PTV Centres and Rebroadcast Stations, new projects, Planning & Procurement, as well as research and Development activities.

PTV started its services on 26 November 1964 with two small stations at Lahore and Dhaka (Former East Pakistan). Over the years the system has grown into a Countrywide network offering two programmes channels.

• 1964 Television service in monochrome started. • 1967 Two production studios added at Rawalpindi & Karachi. • 1973 National Microwave Network commissioned linking TV centres.. • 1974 Quetta/Peshawar centres commissioned. • 1976 Colour transmission started. • 1987 Federal TV centre at Islamabad commissioned. • 1992 Second TV Channel (PTV 2) for education commissioned. (One TV station at Islamabad & 16 rebroadcast stations). • 1996 Local area transmission from four (4) stations started and extended to 3 more stations. • 1998 Transmission of PTV World programmes started. • 1998 Up to 6 production centres (Lahore, Karachi, Quetta, Peshawar, Islamabad-I & Islamabad-II). 35 rebroadcast stations in operation for PTV-1. 16 rebroadcast stations in operation for PTV-2.

• PTV-1 - Area covered: 38%; Population covered: 86.48 %• PTV-2 - Area covered: 24.19%; Population covered: 55.83 %

Training Academy

Established in 1987 Pakistan Television Academy is an apex TV institution in Pakistan, which imparts professional training in various disciplines of television broadcast technology. Headed by a full time Director, and assisted by a team of television professionals who are members of the academic faculty.

Till June 1998, over 3100 persons have attended training programmes conducted by PTV Academy. These participants attended training courses in Engineering, Computer, Finance, Administration, News, Current Affairs and Programmes Production. They also include visiting participants from other countries including SAARC members.

PTV Today

Currently, PTV can be received via satellite in South Asia, East Asia and in the Middle East. Selected programming can be seen on Prime TV (with a partnership) in the United Kingdom and Europe

Today, PTV is split up into the original channel feed:

* network and world wide through satellite.
* PTV News - 24-hour news channel which can be viewed in many parts of the globe.
* PTV National - An emphasis on broadcasting programmes in different languages to represent the whole of Pakistan.
*PTV Bolan - Baluchi language channel.

The Early Team

Mr. Nisar Hussain
Mr. Aslam Azhar
Mr. Muslehuddin
Mr. Mumtaz Hamid Rao
Mr. Zafar Samdani

Managing Director

Dr Shahid Masood is the Managing Director Since June 2008.

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