Another Black Day

Another Black Day

"Another Black Day" is the self-titled LP by Bieler Bros Records recording artist Another Black Day. The band's first single "Wicked Soul", continues to find its way climbing up the charts.Infobox Album |
Name = Another Black Day
Type = Studio
Artist = Another Black Day

Released = May 20, 2008
Genre = Hard rock, Alternative metal
Length =
Label = Bieler Bros Records
Producer = Matt LaPlant
Reviews =
*TuneLab Music rating-10|8.5 [ link]

Track listing

# "Another Black Day" - 3:38
# "Hallowed" - 4:21
# "Wicked Soul" - 3:48
# "Anymore" - 4:10
# "Take Back" - 3:42
# "Awakened" - 3:48
# "Crawling" - 5:04
# "Stand Up" - 3:21
# "Idols" - 3:25
# "Crickets" - 4:06
# "From The Ashes" - 4:10

It has recently been announced they will be touring this fall with Five Finger Death Punch along with In This Moment and Bury Your Dead

Member InfoMatthew Wilkof (Vocals/Lead Guitar): Matthew Wilkof brings his 20 years of guitar playing and song writing abilities to the table. The riffs are solid, punishing and complex, the solos “unique and interesting” and the song structures are strong enough to capture the ears of the average mainstream radio audience. Influenced by power metal singers from the 80’s and 70’s rock front men, Matt’s signature vocal style adds an edge to the Another Black Day sound. Matt breaks away from the average metal singer who screams and growls the entire time and mixes aggressive growls and screams with rich, powerful and melodic vocal lines. Equipment: Gibson Les Paul Classic, Schecter C1 Plus, Marshall JCM 2000 DSL, Marshall 190A Slant Cab, Vox Wah Pedal.

Angel Hernandez (Drums): With 16 years of drumming experience, Angel Hernandez is the force that drives Another Black Day. Angel’s influences range from early jazz drummers to modern mathematical metal drummers and was raised in a musical family, which formed his talent. His wide range of musical influences gives Another Black Day their unique style. Angel delivers extreme double bass, complex grooves and tasteful tom work into each and every song. His drumming is uncannily tight and powerful and whether in the studio or on the stage, Angel pours all his heart and skills into the music. Equipment: Drum Workshop 5 Piece, Sabian Cymbals

Das Haas (bass guitar): Puerto Rican born Das Haas has been playing his bass for a solid ten years. With his growling, punchy bass lines, Haas holds together the Another Black Day rhythm section. He is influenced by many of today and yesterday’s prog-metal bassists. Haas has a rigorous practice regimen and is constantly learning his craft. He proficient with a fast, rapid-fire and, aggressive picking, yet is also capable of fluid, smooth and melodic finger work. Hass has become an integral part of the Another Black Day machine by laying down earth shaking grooves and intelligent bass lines. He is also the mastermind behind the Another Black Day promotion/web design team. Equipment: GK Bass Heads, Hartke Cabinets, Cort, Peavy, and Halo Basses

Ernesto Paez (guitar): 21-year-old Ernesto Paez is the newest addition to the ABD line-up. Influenced by guitar greats such as Dimebag and Zakk Wylde, Ernesto brings aggression and precision into the ABD sound. He graces the fetboard with intricate phrasing, machine gun riffs and lighting fast leads. Ernesto has been in bands since he was 13 years old and has 10 years of guitar playing experience. He has shared the stage with SYL, Machinehead, Trivium and others with his other bands. Ernesto's youth and fire complete the ABD total package. The true metal guitar hero. Equipment: Washburn and Gibson guitars, Peavy VTM Heads, Marshall Cabinets

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