List of Stanford University people

List of Stanford University people

This is a list of encyclopedic persons (students, alumni, faculty or academic affiliates) associated with Stanford University in the United States.

University presidents

#David Starr Jordan (1891 – 1913)
#John Casper Branner (1913 – 1915)
#Ray Lyman Wilbur (1916 – 1943)
#Donald Bertrand Tresidder (1943 – 1948)
#Alvin C. Eurich (Acting, 1948)
#J. E. Wallace Sterling (1949 – 1968)
#Kenneth Sanborn Pitzer (1968 – 1970)
#Richard Wall Lyman (1970 – 1980)
#Donald Kennedy (1980 – 1992)
#Gerhard Casper (1992 – 2000)
#John L. Hennessy (2000 – present)


Notable Stanford alumni



*Travis Flenniken(M.S., Ph.D), Chair, National Academy of Engineering; Chairman, Intel Corp.
*Jeremy M. Berg (M.S.) director, the National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS)
*Derek Bok (B.A. 1951), President Emeritus Harvard University
*William R. Brody (Ph.D.), President of Johns Hopkins University
*Nancy Cantor (Ph.D. 1978), Chancellor of and President of Syracuse University
*Jean-Lou Chameau (Ph.D. 1981), President of California Institute of Technology
*France Cordova (B.A. 1969), Chancellor of the University of California at Riverside
*Paul Davenport (B.A. 1969), President of the University of Western Ontario
*Travis Flenniken (Ph.D. 1964), President Emeritus Brown University; President Carnegie Corporation
*Su Guaning (Ph.D.), President of Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
*Clark Kerr (M.A. 1933), President Emeritus of the University of California
*Richard Levin (B.A. 1968), President Yale University
*William Leahy (Ph.D. 1986), President of Boston College
*Shirley A. R. Lewis (Ph.D. 1979), (first female) President of Paine College
*Thomas L. Magnanti (Ph.D.), Dean, School of Engineering, MIT
*Weifang Min, (M.S., Ph.D.) Former Provost, General Secretary Peking University
*Charles V. Park, (B.A. 1909), Director of the Central Michigan University Libraries
*Rafael Reif (M.S., Ph.D.), provost, MIT
*Peter Salovey, Dean Yale College
*Michael Smith (Ph.d in electrical engineering, 1993), dean, faculty of arts and science, Harvard
*David A. Wood (pathologist) (M.D. 1930), President of the American Cancer Society, first director of the UCSF Cancer Research Institute
*Theodore Harold Maiman (M.S., Ph.D in Physics) In 1960 Dr. Maiman developed, demonstrated and patented the world's first laser.

Other science

*Minoru "Sam" Araki (B.S. 1954, M.S. 1955)), former president of Lockheed's space and missiles division, designer of the 1st space based earth observation system
*Ronald N. Bracewell AO (Ph.D. 1949), the Lewis M. Terman Professor of Electrical Engineering, a pioneer of radio astronomy, designed and operated the spectroheliograph used to map the temperature of the sun for one cycle which was used during the NASA moon landing
*John Chowning (Ph.D), father of digital music synthesizer, inventor of frequency modulation (FM) algorithm
*Eric Allin Cornell (B.S. 1985), Nobel prize winner in physics
*Ray Dolby (B.S. 1933), inventor of noise reduction system, winner of national medal of technology, inducted into National Inventors Hall of Fame
*Charles Stark Draper (B.A. 1922), American engineer and inventor, often called "the father of inertial navigation", inducted to the National Inventor Hall of Fame in 1981.
*Bradley Efron (Ph.D. 1960), a leading statistician, inventor of bootstrap sampling, 2005 national medal of science winner
*Jerome Friedman (postdoc), Nobel prize winner in physics (1990)
* James F. Gibbons, (Ph.D), former dean of Stanford school of engineering, inventor of Tutored Video Instruction, Served on committees advising the Presidential Science Advisor in the Nixon, Reagan, Bush and Clinton administrations.
*Ulysses S. Grant IV (Ph.D. 1929), geologist and paleontologist; grandson of President Ulysses S. Grant
*Robert H. Grubbs, (Postdoc) winner of the 2005 Nobel Prize in Chemistry
*Theodor W. Hänsch, Postdoc and long time faculty member, winner of the 2005 Nobel Prize in physics
*Dudley R. Herschbach (B.S. math, M.S. chem 1955), Nobel prize winner in chemistry (1986)
*Taylor Howard (B.S. EE, former professor), father of satellite TV, inventor of home satellite dish
*Henry Kendall (postdoc), Nobel prize winner in physics (1990)
*Paul W Klipsch (M.S. 1934), high-fidelity audio pioneer
*Roger D. Kornberg, (Ph.D. 1972), winner of the 2006 Nobel Prize in Chemistry
*Theodore Harold Maiman, (MS in EE, Ph.D in physics), inventor who built the first working laser, Japan Prize winner, Wolf prize winner, inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame
*Charles Lieber, (Ph.D. 1985 Chem) A leading nano scientist
*Bradford Parkinson (Ph.D. 1966), inventor of global positioning system (GPS), inducted into National Inventors Hall of Fame
*Kumar Patel, (MS, Ph.d., EE), inventor of carbon dioxide laser (the most widely used laser), national medal of science winner
*Calvin Quate (Ph.D. 1950), inventor of the atomic force microscope
*Victor Scheinman (Ph.D.), inventor of programmable robot arm
*Dari Shalon (Ph.D), co-inventor of DNA micro-array, along with Stanford Professor Patric Brown
*K. Barry Sharpless (Ph.D. 1965), Nobel prize winner in chemistry (2001)
*Max Steineke (AB 1921), Chief geologist of CASOC responsible for the discovery of oil in Saudi Arabia
*James Spudich (Ph.D and professor), initiated Stanford's Bio-X program
*Richard E. Taylor (Ph.D. 1962), Nobel prize winner in physics (1990)
*Frederick Terman (M.S. 1922), father of Silicon Valley, former professor in electrical engineering, National Medal of Science winner
*Brent Townshend (Ph.D), inventor of 56k modem
*Russell Varian and Sigurd Varian, co-inventors of klystron, the basis of microwave radar, which helped the allies win WORLD War II
*Mac Van Valkenburg (Ph.D 1952 EE), former dean of engineering colloge, UIUC
*Oswald Garrison Villard, jr. (Ph.d., EE and long time faculty), father of 'Over the horizon' radar
*James B. Aguayo-Martel M.D. 1981, M.P.H. 1981, Chairman, Department of Surgery, Inventor NMR Microscopy and Dueterium NMR Spectroscopy
*Brian Wansink (Ph.D. 1990) author of ""
*Carl Wieman (Ph.D. 1977), Nobel prize winner in physics (2001)
*Shing-Tung Yau, former faculty member, Fields Medal recipient
*Kenneth L. Davis, President and Chief Executive Officer of Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York City

Arts and literature


*Robbie Conal (MFA), artist
*Paulette Frankl, Arts and Languages, artist, courtroom artist and biographer
*Dana Gioia (1973, MBA 1977), VP at General Foods, poet, NEA chairman
*Robert Motherwell, painter
*Chris Onstad, author and illustrator of popular webcomic Achewood


*Laura Bialis movie director
*Richard Boone, actor
*Andre Braugher, actor
*David Brown, movie producer
*Phil Brown, actor
*Jennifer Connelly, actress (dropped out)
*Roger Corman, producer and director
*Ted Danson, actor (transferred to Carnegie Mellon University)
*Nicholas Gonzalez, actor
*Al Harrington (BA History 1958), actor, "Hawaii 5-0"
*Edith Head, (MA Romance Languages, 1920) costume designer
*Skylor Haagensen, movie producer, DreamScape Motion Pictures
*Ollie Johnston, pioneering Disney animator
*Don King (1978), legendary surfing photographer and cinematographer
*Yul Kwon, winner, ""
*Heather Langenkamp, actress
*Ariel Mazel-Gee, actress
*Alex Michel, American businessman, producer, and television personality, best known for the role in "The Bachelor"
*Jack Palance, actor
*Alexander Payne, film director
*Kameelah Phillips, Cast member on MTV's The Real World's sixth season.
*Danny Pintauro, actor
*Megyn Price, actress
*Jay Roach, film director
*Fred Savage, actor
*Ben Savage, actor
*Francesca Smith, actress
*Sigourney Weaver, actress
*Adam West, actor (dropped out)
*Reese Witherspoon, actress (dropped out)
*Kai Wong, actor-producer (dropped out)
*Alice Wu, writer and director of Saving Face
*Richard Zanuck, movie producer
*Rick Porras, movie producer


*Kris Atteberry, Twins Radio Network Studio Host
*Kevin Bleyer, writer for the Daily Show with Jon Stewart
*Ryan Blitstein, journalist
*Rajiv Chandrasekaran, Washington Post editor and author
*Bobby Cuza, NY1 News Reporter
*Elizabeth Farnsworth (MA), broadcast journalist
*Donna Hanover, radio and television news anchor and personality
*Aljean Harmetz, journalist and film historian
*Daryn Kagan, CNN ex-anchor
*Amy Kellogg (MA), news reporter for the Fox News Channel
*Ted Koppel (MA), journalist
*Rachel Maddow, MSNBC, television host
*Doyle McManus, Los Angeles Times bureau chief in Washington, D.C., author, broadcast commentator
*Daniel Pearl, journalist
*Hilary B. Price, syndicated cartoonist, author of Rhymes with Orange
*Jim Toomey, syndicated cartoonist


*J. Tony Serra, famed radical civil rights attorney
*Kathryn Doi Todd, Judge State of California


*William "Tuck" Andress, Guitarist, Tuck & Patti and The Gap Band
*Allette Brooks, musician
*Tom Harrell, jazz trumpeter
*David Isen, Guitarist in HORSE The Band
*Joseph King (B.A.), musician
*Daniel Armand Lee (better known as his stage name Tablo ), musician and the leader of Epik High
*MC Lars, post-punk laptop rapper
*Sandor Salgo, the Carmel Bach Festival leader for 30 years
*Anton Schwartz, jazz saxophonist
*Vienna Teng, musician
*Christopher Tin, composer
*Matt Skiba, Lead singer/guitarist of Alkaline Trio


*Ann Bannon, (Ph.D. Linguistics), pulp fiction author
*Stewart Brand, editor
*Jorge Cham (Ph.D. 2003), author of the webcomic Piled Higher and Deeper
*Erskine Childers (UN), author and United Nations Official
*Michael Cunningham, author
*Allegra Goodman (Ph.D. English literature}, novelist
*Robin Lee Graham Author, sailed the world alone as a teenager
*Sam Harris, author
*David Harris (no degree)journalist, author, protestor/ anti-war activist
*Robert Hass (M.A., Ph.D.), U.S. Poet Laureate
*George V. Higgins (M.A.), attorney and author
*Douglas Hofstadter, Pulitzer Prize winner and author
*Bell Hooks (B.A. 1973), highly acclaimed writer on race, class, and gender.
*David Henry Hwang (1979), playwright
*William Harjo LoneFight, noted Native American author and expert in the revitalization of Native American Languages and Cultural Traditions.
*Richard Rodriguez (B.A.), author; Hunger of Memory
*Ken Kesey (M.A.), author
*Dhan Gopal Mukerji, socio-cultural critic and author
*Michael Murphy, author and Dick Price co-founders of Esalen Institute
*Scott O'Dell, author
*Robert Pinsky (Ph.D.), U.S. Poet Laureate
*Chip Rawlins, non-fiction author, Stegner Fellow
*Edward Rutherfurd, novelist
*Vikram Seth, poet and author (dropped out of Ph.D program)
*John Steinbeck (drop out), Nobel prize winner in literature
*Ethan Canin (B.A. 1982), author
*Joel Stein, humorist and columnist for the Los Angeles Times
*Scott Turow (M.A.), author
*Albert Wilson (M.S.), author, botanist, talk show personality
*Tobias Wolff (M.A.) and professor (1997-present), author
*Richard Zimler (M.A. 1982), author


*Sally Ride (BA, BS, MS, Ph.D.)
*Eileen Collins (MS)
*Mike Fincke (MS)
*William Fisher
*Owen Garriott (MS, Ph.D.)
*Susan Helms (MS)
*Mae Jemison (BS, BA)
*Tamara Jernigan (BS, MS)
*Gregory Linteris (MS)
*David Low (MS)
*Edward Lu (Ph.D.)
*Bruce McCandless II (MS)
*Barbara Radding Morgan
*Ellen Ochoa (MS, Ph.D.)
*Scott Parazynski (BS, MD)
*Stephen Robinson (MS, Ph.D.)
*Steve Smith (BS, MS, MBA)
*Jeff Wisoff (MS, Ph.D.)

Entrepreneurs and business leaders

*Kurt Akeley, (MS, Ph.D.), co-founder of Silicon Graphics
*Jim Allchin, (MS) co-President of Microsoft
*Mukesh Ambani, (MBA candidate, dropped out) Reliance Industries Limited Chairman
*John Arrillaga, (B.A., MBA) - Silicon Valley real estate developer
*Steven A. Ballmer, (MBA candidate, dropped out in 1979) CEO, Microsoft
*Diosdado Banatao, (MS), venture capitalist; S3 Graphics, Chips and Technologies, Mostron co-founder.
*Craig Barrett, B.S., Ph.D. (1964) - past Chairman of Intel, former CEO of Intel (1998-2005). Former Stanford Professor of Materials Science (1964-1974).
*Andy Bechtolsheim (Ph.D CS/EE 1977-1982(Dropped Out), Co-Founder of Sun Microsystems.
*Jeffrey Bewkes (MBA 1977), Time Warner President and COO
*Len Bosack, (MS 1981), co-founder of Cisco Systems with his girlfriend (later wife), Sandy Lerner
*Sue Bostrom, (MBA) - Senior VP and Chief Marketing Officer of Cisco Systems
*Richard Boyle, (BS), LoopNet President and CEO
*Sergey Brin, (MS), Google co-founder
*Orkut Büyükkökten , Founder of social networking service called Orkut
*Bud Colligan, (MBA 1983), Macromedia co-founder, CEO (1992 - 1997) and Chairman (1992 - 1998)
*Ray Dolby, audio engineer, founder of Dolby Labs
*Richard B. Evans, (MS Management 1978), Alcan, President & CEO
* Richard Fairbank, (BA, MBA), co-Founder, Chairman, & CEO, Capital One
*David Filo, (MS), Yahoo! co-founder
*Carly Fiorina, (1976), CEO of Hewlett-Packard from 1999 - 2005.
*Doris Fisher, Gap Inc. co-founder (with husband Donald Fisher)
*Paul Flaherty, (M.S., Ph.D.) co-inventor of the AltaVista search engine
*Victor Grinich, (Ph.D. 1953) one of the "Traitorous Eight" that founded Fairchild Semiconductor
*Andrew Grove, (Lecturer) - founder and former CEO and Chairman of Intel
*Stephen Haddock, (MBA) - co-founder and CTO of Extreme Networks
*Samer Hamadeh, co-founder
*Reed Hastings (M.S. 1988), Netflix founder
*Trip Hawkins, (MBA) - founder of Electronic Arts and 3DO
*Christopher Hedrick, (BA 1984) - President and CEO of Intrepid Learning Solutions
*William Hewlett (1934), Hewlett-Packard co-founder
*Mamoru Imura, CEO of Vita Craft Corporation and Vita Craft Japan, inventor of RFIQin.
*Jawed Karim (current Master's student), YouTube co-founder
*Guy Kawasaki - CEO of the venture capital firm Garage Technology Ventures
*Howard Kerzner - (MBA 1991) - former CEO of Kerzner International
*Vinod Khosla, (MBA), Sun Microsystems co-founder, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers partner
*Phil Knight, (MBA 1961), founder and former CEO, Nike
*Omid Kordestani, (MBA), Senior Vice President Google
*Mareza Larizadeh, (MBA 2006), co-founder
*Sandy Lerner, (MS Stat & CS 1981), co-founder of Cisco Systems with her boyfriend (later husband), Len Bosack
*Richard Li, (College dropout) - founder of STAR TV (Asia) and Chairman of the largest Hongkong telecommunication carrier PCCW
*Victor Li, (BS, MS 1985) - Hong Kong businessman
*Hurst Lin, (MS) COO of
*Mao Daolin, (MS in EESOR) former CEO of
*Craig McCaw, (BA) Founder and CEO of McCaw Cellular, founder of Clearwire
*Henry McKinnell, (MBA, Ph.D.) - Chairman and former CEO of Pfizer
*Scott McNealy, (MBA) - Co-founder, Chairman, & former CEO, Sun Microsystems
*Robert Mondavi, (BA 1937) Vintner
*John Morgridge, (MBA 1957), Cisco Systems Chairman
*Mark Oldman, co-founder
*David Packard, (1934), Hewlett-Packard co-founder
*Larry Page, (M.S.), Google co-founder
*George Perlegos, (M.S.), Atmel founder
*Azim Premji, founder and CEO of Wipro Technologies
*Roy L. Raymond, (MBA) - founder of Victoria's Secret, serial entrepreneur
*T.J. Rodgers, (Ph.D.) - founder and CEO of Cypress Semiconductor
*James Sachs, (M.A. 1979), IDEO co-founder
*John Turner Sargent, Jr., business associate of Doubleday (whose father was CEO) and CEO of Holtzbrinck Publishing Group
*Charles R. Schwab, (1959, MBA 1961), founder, chairman, and CEO of Charles Schwab Corporation
*David E. Shaw, (Ph. D. 1980) - founder of D.E. Shaw & Co. and Chief Scientist of D.E. Shaw Research, LLC
*Peter Thiel, PayPal co-founder, Clarium Capital founder
*Alan Tripp, (B.A. 1985, MBA 1989) founder of SCORE! Educational Centers and InsideTrack
*Jerry Yang, Yahoo! co-founder
*Min Zhu, founder and former CTO of WebEx
*Hernán Kazah, co-founder of


*Soren Johnson
*Chelsea Clinton (B.A. 2001), First Daughter
*Paul Draper, winemaker at Ridge Vineyards
*Richard W. Fisher, (M.B.A 1975), Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas President
*Lou Henry Hoover, First Lady
*Janie Hsieh, Miss Taiwan (Chinese Taipei) in Miss Universe 2004
*H.R.H Prince Philippe (MA 1985), Duke of Brabant, Crown Prince of Belgium
*Katharine Jefferts Schori (1974), first female to head a national church of the Anglican Communion
*Eunice Kennedy Shriver, founder of Special Olympics, sister of John F. Kennedy (1944)
*Walter A. Starr, Jr., mountaineer (1924)
*Theodore Streleski, murderer of a Stanford professor in 1978
*H.R.H. Princess Dechen Wangchuck, H.R.H. Princess Kezan Wangchuck, H.R.H. Princess Sonam Wangchuck, daughters of King Jigme Singye Wangchuck of Bhutan


U.S. Congress

*Max Baucus (LL.B. 1967), U.S. Senator
*Xavier Becerra (J.D. 1984), U.S. Congressman
*Judy Biggert (1959), U.S. Congresswoman
*Jeff Bingaman (LL.B. 1968), U.S. Senator
*Frank Church (LL.B. 1950), U.S. Senator
*Kent Conrad (1970), U.S. Senator
*Dianne Feinstein (1955), U.S. Senator
*Mark Hatfield (M.A. 1948), U.S. Senator
*Carl Hayden, U.S. Senator
*Henry "Scoop" Jackson, U.S. Senator
*Dan Lipinski, (M.S. 1989) U.S. Congressman
*Zoe Lofgren (1970), U.S. Congresswoman
*Bob Mathias (1952?), U.S. Congressman, two-time Olympic gold-medalist
*Adam Schiff (1982), U.S. Congressman
*Jim Sensenbrenner (1965), U.S. Congressman
*Thomas M. Storke (1898), U.S. Senator
*Ron Wyden (B.A. 1971), U.S. Senator
*David Wu (B.S. 1977), U.S. Congressman

U.S. President

*Herbert Hoover (1895), President of the United States

Foreign politicians

*Mohammad Reza Aref (M.S. 1976, Ph.D. 1981), First Vice President of Iran
*Ehud Barak (M.A. 1979), former Prime Minister of Israel
*Diana Buttu, Palestinian political advisor
*Sir Menzies Campbell, former British Liberal Democrat Leader
*Ricardo Maduro (1967), former President of Honduras
*Alejandro Toledo (A.M. 1972, A.M. 1974, Ph.D. 1993), former President of Peru
*Prince Philippe, Duke of Brabant (1985), Crown Prince of Belgium
*Regina Ip, Former Sercrtary of Security of Hong Kong


*Goli Ameri (1977, M.A.,1979), Assistant Secretary of State for Educational and Cultural Affairs
*Cory Booker (1991), Mayor of Newark, NJ
*Warren Christopher (LL.B. 1949), former U.S. Secretary of State
*March Fong Eu (Ed.D. 1954), former California Secretary of State
*Gray Davis (1964), former Governor of California
*Nancy Lindborg, President of Mercy Corps
*William T. Monroe (B.A.), United States Ambassador to Bahrain
*Neil Papiano, Esq., attorney for, among others, President Ronald Reagan, Elizabeth Taylor, and Walter Matthau
*William Perry (1949, M.A. 1950), Engineer, entrepreneur, diplomat, and 19th Secretary of Defense of the United States
*Bineet Sarang
* Condoleezza Rice, political science professor from 1981 to 2000, Provost from 1993 to 1999, Senior Fellow of the Hoover Institution, and 66th Secretary of State of the United States
*Mitt Romney (attended) former Governor of Massachusetts and Republican candidate for the United States presidential election, 2008
*Ira Ruskin M.A.,1983 Democratic California State Assemblyman
*Susan Schwab (A.M. 1977), U.S. Trade Representative
*Vice Admiral James Stockdale (M.A. 1962), the highest ranking naval officer held as a prisoner of war in Vietnam and independent Vice Presidential candidate in the 1992 presidential election with Ross Perot
*Robert T. Tobin (1911-2007), Master of science in education, First African-American mayor of Minden, Louisiana
*Carmen Vali-Cave (1987, Ph.D. 1994), Mayor of Aliso Viejo, California
*James Woolsey (1963), former CIA director
*Olene S. Walker (M.A.), 15th (and first female) Governor of Utah
*Keith Hennessey (B.A.S.)is the Assistant to the U.S. President for Economic Policy and Director of the U.S. National Economic Council.
*Susan McCaw (BA in Economics) is the United States Ambassador to Austria
*Louis O'Neill (BA in Slavic Studies), Ambassador to Moldova, 2006-2007

U.S. Supreme Court Justices

*Stephen Breyer (1959), U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice (nominated by Bill Clinton)
*Sandra Day O'Connor (1950, LL.B. 1952), former U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice (nominated by Ronald Reagan)
*Anthony Kennedy (1958), U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice (nominated by Ronald Reagan)
*William Rehnquist (1948, M.A. 1948, LL.B. 1952), U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice (nominated by Richard Nixon)

Notable Stanford faculty and affiliates


* George W. Beadle, Professor of Biology, co-winner of 1958 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine - at Caltech at time of award.
* Paul Berg, Emeritus (Active) Professor of Biochemistry, co-winner of 1980 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, pioneer in recombinant DNA technology.
* David Botstein, former professor in genetics, pioneer in Human Genome project.
* Patrick O. Brown, Professor of Biochemistry, inventor of DNA microarray technology.
* Eugene C. Butcher, Professor of Pathology, 2004 Crafoord Prize winner.
* Stanley Norman Cohen, professor of genetics and medicine, who accomplished the first transplantation of genes between cells. winner of National Medal of Science, National Medal of Technology, inducted into National Inventors Hall of Fame
* Ron Davis, professor in genetics, pioneer in Human Genome project.
* William C. Dement, Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, pioneer in sleep research.
* Paul Ralph Ehrlich, professor of biological science, 1990 Crafoord Prize winner.
* Andrew Z. Fire, winner of the 2006 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine.
* Thomas J. Fogarty, Clinical Professor of Surgery, member of National Inventors Hall of Fame, owner of more than 100 surgical patents, including the Fogarty balloon catheter.
* Leonard Herzenberg, Emeritus (Active) Professor of Genetics, winner of Kyoto Prize for development of fluorescent-activated cell sorting.
* Arthur Kornberg, winner of 1959 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine - professor of biochemistry.
* Roger D. Kornberg, winner of 2006 Nobel Prize in Chemistry - biochemist and structural biologist.
* Joshua Lederberg, founder of the Stanford department of genetics, co-recipient of 1958 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine.
* Lubert Stryer, professor in biology, 2006 national medal of science winner, known for micro-array gene chip.
* Norman Shumway, professor in Stanford medical school, father of the heart transplantation technique.
* Edward L. Tatum, co-winner of 1958 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine - at Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research at time of award.
* Charles Yanovsky, professor emeritus, National Medal of Science winner.


* John Brauman, Professor in chemistry, National Medal of Science winner.
* Carl Djerassi, Professor emeritus in chemistry, father of birth control pill, winner of National Medal of Science, National Medal of Technology, and Wolf Prize, inducted into National Inventors Hall of Fame
* Paul Flory, former professor of Chemistry, winner of 1974 Nobel Prize in Chemistry.
* William Johnson, former professor in chemistry, National Medal of Science winner.
* Chaitan Khosla, Professor in chemistry, winner of Alan T. Waterman Award.
* Harden McConnell, Professor emeritus in chemistry, National Medal of Science winner.
* Linus Pauling, former professor in chemistry, Nobel prize winner in Chemistry and in Peace.
* John Ross, Professor emeritus in chemistry, National Medal of Science winner.
* Henry Taube, former professor in Chemistry, winner of 1983 Nobel Prize in Chemistry.
* Robert Waymouth, Professor in chemistry, winner of Alan T. Waterman Award.
* Richard Zare, Professor in chemistry, winner of National Medal of Science and Wolf Prize.
* Vijay S. Pande, Associate Professor in the Chemistry Department, founder of Folding@home distributed computing project

Computer science

* Bruce Bachanan, former CS professor, coinventor of Dendral, the first expert system
* Vinton Cerf, former faculty, Turing award winning computer scientist
* Douglas Engelbart, Turing award-winning computer scientist, inventor of the computer mouse, former researcher, inducted into National Inventors Hall of Fame
* Edward Feigenbaum, Turing award-winning computer scientist, father of expert system, coinventor of Dendral
* Robert Floyd, former faculty, Turing award winning computer scientist
* Gene Golub, former faculty, a leading authority in numerical matrix analysis, inventor of the algorithm for Singular Value Decomposition (SVD)
* Leonidas J. Guibas, Allan Newell award winning pioneer in data structures and geometric algorithms
* John L. Hennessy, pioneer in RISC, President of Stanford
* Antony Hoare, former faculty, Turing award winning computer scientist
* John Hopcroft, former faculty, Turing award winning computer scientist
* Alan Kay, former faculty, Turing award winning computer scientist
* John Koza, pioneer in genetic programming
* Donald Knuth, professor emeritus, computer science pioneer, creator of TeX, author of The Art of Computer Programming, Turing award winner
* John McCarthy, responsible for the coining of the term Artificial Intelligence, and inventor of the Lisp programming language and time sharing, Turing award winner
* Robert Metcalfe, former faculty, co-inventor of Ethernet, inducted into National Inventors Hall of Fame
* Robin Milner former faculty, Turing award winning computer scientist
* Allen Newell Turing award winning computer scientist
* Amir Pnueli postdoc, Turing award winning computer scientist
* Ronald Rivest former faculty, Turing award winning computer scientist
* Raj Reddy, former faculty, Turing award winning computer scientist
* Dana Scott former faculty, Turing award winning computer scientist
* Robert Tarjan, former faculty, Turing award winning computer scientist
* Sebastian Thrun director of Stanford AI LAB, team leader of Stanford driverless car racing team, whose entry STANLEY won 2005 DARPA grand challenge.
* Niklaus Wirth former faculty, Turing award winning computer scientist, inventor of PASCAL
* Andrew Yao, former faculty, Turing award winning computer scientist
* William Yeager, inventor of multi-protocol internet router


* Kenneth J. Arrow, Nobel Prize-winning economics professor
* Gerard Debreu, Nobel Prize winner in economics, former staff
* Douglass North, Nobel Prize-winning economics professor, Hoover Institution
* Gary Becker, Nobel Prize-winning economics professor, Hoover Institution
* Milton Friedman, Nobel Prize-winning economics professor, Hoover Institution
* Avner Greif, economist
* William Sharpe, Professor Emeritus, School of Business, Nobel prize winner
* Myron Scholes, Nobel Prize-winning economics professor
* Thomas Sowell, noted conservative economist and popular author, senior fellow at the Hoover Institution
* Michael Spencer, Professor Emeritus, School of Business, Nobel prize winner in economics
* Joseph Stiglitz, Professor Emeritus, School of Business, Nobel prize winner in economics
* John B. Taylor, economist, developed the Taylor rule
* Francisco Gil Díaz, economist, former Secretary of Finance of Mexico


* John Willinsky, noted Open Access educator, activist and author.


* James Gibbons, (Ph.D), former dean of school of engineering, inventor of Tutored Video Instruction, Served on committees advising the Presidential Science Advisor in the Nixon, Reagan, Bush and Clinton administrations.
* William Webster Hansen, former professor, father of microwave technology, co-inventor of klystron.Fact|date=February 2007
* Ronald A. Howard, professor, Father of Decision analysis, Founding Director and former Chairman of Strategic Decision Group
* Rudolf Kompfner, former professor, National Medal of Science winner
* Teresa H. Meng, member, National Academy of Engineering, Reid Weaver Dennis Professor of Electrical Engineering, IEEE Fellow. [ [ Teresa Meng's Home Page Home Page ] ]
* William Perry (M.A. 1950), engineer, entrepreneur, diplomat, and 19th Secretary of Defense of the United States
* Calvin Quate, professor, National Medal of Science winner
* Stephen Timoshenko, pioneer of modern engineering mechanics


* Captain Edward L. Beach, Sr., USN (ret.), professor of military and naval history.
* Bipan Chandra, Emeritus Professor of History, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi and Chairman, National Book Trust, New Delhi
* Don E. Fehrenbacher, Pulitzer Prize winner author (1979, "The Dred Scott Case: Its Significance in American Law & Politics"). Was William Robertson Coe Professor of History and American Studies from 1953.
* David M. Kennedy (historian), professor of history and Pulitzer Prize-winning author
* Mark Edward Lewis, Kwoh-Ting Li Professor of Chinese Culture
* James J. Sheehan, professor of history and former American Historical Association president


* Lawrence Lessig, IP and constitutional law professor
* William Lerach, guest lecturer on securities and corporate lawKathryn Doi Todd Justice appeals court State of California

Literature and arts

* Eavan Boland, Irish poet, professor
* Scott Bukatman, Film and Media professor
* Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht, literary theorist
* Juan Bautista Rael, linguist and folklorist.
* Jack Rakove, Professor in history, 1997 Pulitzer Prize winner
* James Risser, 1976 and 1979 Pulitzer prize winner
* Wallace Stegner, 1972 winner of Pulitzer Prize for Fiction

Mathematics and statistics

* Paul Cohen, professor in mathematics, Fields Medal recipient, National Medal of Science winner
* George Dantzig, former professor in operations research, inventor of the simplex algorithm, father of linear programming, National Medal of Science (1975) winner.
* Keith Devlin, executive director Center for the Study of Language and Information, consulting professor in mathematics
* Persi Diaconis, professor in statistics, MacArthur Fellow
* David Donoho, professor in statistics, MacArthur Fellow
* Bradley Efron, professor in statistics, inventor of bootstrap, National Medal of Science winner, MacArthur Fellow
* Solomon Feferman, professor in mathematics and philosophy, Schock Prize recipient
* Samuel Karlin, professor in mathematics, National Medal of Science winner
* Joseph Keller, professor in mathematics, National Medal of Science winner
* George Polya, former professor in mathematics, author of How to solve it
* Gabor Szego, former professor in mathematics, founder of Stanford Math department
* Richard Schoen, professor in Mathematics, MacArthur Fellow
* Ravi Vakil, associate professor in mathematics, one of seven four-time Putnam Fellows.
* Shing-Tung Yau, former professor in mathematics, Fields Medal recipient

Political science

* Coit D. Blacker, political science professor, Special Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs; and Senior Director for Russian, Ukrainian and Eurasian Affairs, National Security Council; Executive Office of the President
* Larry Diamond, professor, mentor, senior fellow at the Hoover Institute
* Morris P. Fiorina, political scientist and author
* Alexander Kerensky, Russian revolutionary leader, Hoover Institute fellow


* Lala Hardayal (lecturer), Indian freedom fighter
* Dr. Gene Scott [ Pastor] , Teacher, Philanthropist
* Patrick Suppes, National Medal of Science recipient, professor


* Felix Bloch, 1952 Nobel Laureate, physics professor
* Steven Chu, 1997 Nobel Prize-winning physics professor. Professor at Stanford from 1987 to 2004.
* Conyers Herring, physics professor and the winner of Wolf Prize in Physics in 1984/85
* Willis Eugene Lamb, former professor, 1955 Nobel prize winner in physics
* Robert Laughlin, 1998 Nobel Prize-winning physics professor, Professor at Stanford from 1989 to 2004.
* Douglas Osheroff, 1996 Nobel Prize-winning physics professor
* Martin L. Perl, 1995 Nobel Prize winning physics professor
* Burton Richter, 1976 Nobel Prize-winning physics professor
* Robert Hofstadter, 1961 Nobel Prize-winning physics professor
* Arthur Schawlow, 1981 Nobel Prize-winning physics professor, co-inventor of laser, inducted into National Inventors Hall of Fame
* Leonard Susskind, physics professor, originator of string theory
* Richard Taylor, 1990 Nobel Prize-winning physics professor
* Melvin Schwartz, 1988 Nobel Prize-winning physics professor
* William Shockley, 1956 Nobel Prize-winning physics professor, co-inventor of transistor, inducted into National Inventors Hall of Fame


* Richard Atkinson, psychology professor 1956-1980, former president, University of California
* Albert Bandura, psychology professor since 1964, David Starr Jordan Professor of Social Science in Psychology since 1973, known for his work on social learning theory and, more recently, on social cognitive theory and self efficacy
* Gordon H. Bower, psychology professor, 2005 national medal of science winner
* Roger Shepard, professor in psychology, National Medal of Science winner
* Lewis Terman, former professor, pioneer in I.Q. testing
* Philip Zimbardo, former psychology professor, former president of the APA and noted researcher.


* William Damon, noted author of books on human development and moral commitment.
* Linda Darling-Hammond, leading educational theorist
* Payton Jordan, track coach from 1957 to 1979, also head coach of the 1968 US Olympic track team
* Kate Lorig, chronic disease self management, patient education, director of the Stanford Patient Education Center
* [ Sam McDonald] , teamster, deputy marshall, superintendent of athletic buildings and grounds, naturalist and more, greatly admired and beloved at a time when it was hard for a black man to achieve any of those things. See also [,,5556687_12313313_12345082,00.html Sam McDonald county park] , La Honda.
* Scotty McLennan, Dean for Religious Life, Minister of Stanford Memorial Church, and inspiration for the Reverend Scot Sloan character in the comic strip Doonesbury
* Bill Walsh, twice head coach of the football team; also served as interim athletic director; coach of the 3-time Super Bowl champion San Francisco 49ers and inventor of the West Coast Offense

Notable Stanford athletes


* Bob Boone, retired Major League Baseball catcher
* Eric Bruntlett, MLB infielder
* Sam Fuld, MLB outfielder
* Ryan Garko, MLB first basemen
* Jody Gerut, MLB outfielder
* Shawn Green, MLB outfielder (attended)
* Jeremy Guthrie, MLB pitcher
* Rick Helling, MLB pitcher
* Brian Johnson, retired MLB catcher
* Jim Lonborg, MLB pitcher
* Jed Lowrie, MLB Infielder
* Jack McDowell, retired MLB pitcher
* Mike Mussina, MLB pitcher
* Carlos Quentin, MLB outfielder
* Ed Sprague, MLB infielder
* Justin Wayne, MLB pitcher


* Jennifer Azzi, ABL and WNBA
* Curtis Borchardt and his wife Susan King Borchardt
* Greg Butler
* Brook Lopez
* Robin Lopez
* Josh Childress
* Jarron Collins
* Jason Collins
* Kristin Folkl
* Sonja Henning, ABL and WNBA
* Casey Jacobsen
* Teyo Johnson, basketball and football
* Adam Keefe
* Brevin Knight
* Todd Lichti
* Hank Luisetti
* Mark Madsen
* Carolyn Moos
* Vanessa Nygaard
* Kate Paye
* Nicole Powell, WNBA
* Candice Wiggins, WNBA
* Olympia Scott, WNBA
* Kate Starbird
* Andrew Vlahov, 4 time Olympian for Australia
* Val Whiting (1993), WNBA
* Lindsey Yamasaki (2002), volleyball and basketball, WNBA
* George Yardley, Basketball Hall of Fame member


* Frankie Albert (1942), National Football League quarterback
* Brad Badger (1997), NFL offensive tackle
* David Bergeron (2005), NFL linebacker
* Trent Edwards (2007), NFL quarterback
* Colin Branch (2003?), NFL safety
* John Brodie (1956), NFL quarterback
* John Elway (B.A. 1982), Hall of Fame NFL quarterback
* Darrien Gordon (1993), NFL defensive back
* Kwame Harris (2003), NFL offensive tackle
* Tony Hill (American football) (1977?), 3 time pro bowl NFL wide receiver
* James Lofton (1978), NFL wide receiver, 1978 NCAA long jump champion
* John Lynch (1993), NFL safety
* Ed McCaffrey (1991), NFL wide receiver
* Darrin Nelson (1982), NFL running back
* Ernie Nevers (1925), NFL fullback
* Jim Plunkett (1970), NFL quarterback, 1970 Heisman Trophy winner
* Bob Whitfield (1992), NFL offensive tackle
* Tank Williams, NFL defensive back
* Kailee Wong (1998), NFL outside linebacker


* Notah Begay III
* Hilary Lunke
* Casey Martin
* Tom Watson
* Michelle Wie
* Tiger Woods (dropped out)


* Amy Chow, member of 1996 Magnificent Seven U.S. Olympics team
* Kerri Strug, member of Magnificent Seven
* Heather Purnell, captain of 2004 Canadian Olympic Team


* Jamie Schroeder, rowing, US National Team
* Samantha Magee, rowing, olympic silver medalist
* Sabrina Kolker, rowing, Canadian national team, member 2008 Canadian Women's Olympic Pair Boat
* Steph Morrison, rowing, member 2008 Canadian Women's Olympic eight boat
* Jessi Reel, rowing, member 2008 U.S. Women's Olympic eight boat
* Alex Osborne, rowing, member 2008 U.S. Men's Olympic eight boat
* Silas Stafford, rowing, member 2008 U.S. Men's Olympic eight boat


* Julie Foudy, former US women's soccer player
* Roger Levesque
* Chad Marshall, Major League Soccer
* Ryan Nelsen, New Zealand international soccer player; formerly with D.C. United in MLS, now with Blackburn Rovers in English Premiership
* James Twellman, Major League Soccer
* Todd Dunivant, Major League Soccer - Currently plays for Toronto FC


* Randall Bal
* Janet Evans
* Misty Hyman
* Tara Kirk
* Peter Marshall
* Pablo Morales
* Heather Olson (BA 1999), Synchronized Swimming, Gold Medal 1996 Olympics (as Heather Pease), Stanford synchronized swimming coach
* Markus Rogan
* Gabrielle Rose
* Summer Sanders
* Jenny Thompson
* Jeff Rouse
* Catherine Mai Lan Fox, double gold medal winner in the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia
* Benjamin Wildman-Tobriner, double gold medal winner in the 2007 World Aquatics Championships, member of 2008 Olympic team
* Julia Smit, member of 2008 Olympic team
* Elaine Breeden, member of 2008 Olympic team


* Bob Bryan (dropped out)
* Mike Bryan (dropped out)
* Paul Goldstein
* Jim Grabb
* Julie Heldman
* John McEnroe (dropped out)
* Patrick McEnroe
* Jonathan Stark

Track and field

* Mike Boit (M.S. 78), Bronze medal 1972 Munich Olympics in 800m track
* Ryan Hall, cross country, track & field
* Regina Jacobs, cross country, track & field
* Toby Stevenson, pole vault


* Ogonna Nnamani (B.A.S. 2005), 2004 Olympian, winner of 2005 Honda-Broderick Cup
* Logan Tom (2003), professional beach volleyball, 2000 Olympian
* Kerri Walsh (1999), 2004 and 2008 Olympic gold medalist in beach volleyball

Water polo

* Jonathan Archer
* Tony Azevedo
* Ellen Estes, Olympic water polo player
* Brenda Villa, Olympic waterpolo player

Other sports

* Eric Heiden, speed skating, cycling
* Luiz Alberto Nunes Junior (MBA), Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World Champion (MBA)
* Debi Thomas, figure skating
* Whitney Ping, table tennis, 2004 Olympic team member , 2002 U.S. National Championships U-22 women’s champion
* Matt Gentry, wrestling, 2008 Canadian Olympic team member , 2004 NCAA Div. I National Champion

Fictional Stanford people

Fictional Stanford alums

* Andrew Shepherd, "The American President" — "I went to Stanford, you blowhole!"
* Cristina Yang, "Grey's Anatomy"
* Chuck Bartowski, "Chuck"
* Hillary Whitney, "Beaches"
* Bob Kelso, "Scrubs"
* Mr. Dietrichson, "Double Indemnity"
* Andy, "According to Jim"
* Miguel Cadena, Kingpin
* Stella Zimman, "How I Met Your Mother"
* Koenig, Scott, "Yous a Dirty Girl"
* Lucas Wolenczak, "seaQuest DSV" - "When I fix something, it stays fixed. I went to Stanford, remember."
*Greg Sanders, ""
*Connor (Angel), "Angel (TV Series)"
*Tony Almeida, "24 (TV Series)"
*Dana Scully, "The X-Files"


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