Forests of Australia

Forests of Australia

Australia has many forests of importance due to significant features, despite being one of the driest continents.

There are 457 forest communities distributed across Australia. These have been grouped into the following seven native forest types which are characterised by dominant species and the structure of the forest [ [ Australian Forest Profiles] - Australian Government Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry] :

* Rainforests
* Melaleuca forests
* Eucalypt forests
* Casuarina forests
* Callitris forests
* Acacia forests
* Mangrove forests

Plantation forests (softwood and some hardwood) have been defined as an eighth group which covers trees planted for commercial use.

The majority of Australia's trees are hardwoods, typically eucalypts, rather than softwoods like pine. While softwoods dominate some native forests, their total area is judged insufficient to constitute a major forest type in Australia's National Forest Inventory.

List of significant forests

Photo gallery

Eucalyptus regnans tree in Tasmania's Styx Valley
Daintree rainforest
Karri forest near Cascades at Pemberton, Western Australia
Great Otway National Park, Victoria.
Tarra-Bulga National Park
Gloucester Tree, a giant karri tree in the Gloucester National Park

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