United Populars

United Populars

The United Populars ("Popolari Uniti") is a tiny christian-democratic Italian political party based in Basilicata.

It was founded in February 2008 by splinters from the UDEUR Populars who wanted to continue the alliance with centre-left The Union coalition. Its leading members are Antonio Potenza (regional minister), Gaetano Fierro and Luigi Scaglione, all three regional deputies of Basilicata, and several provincial and municipal ministers, including Carmine Nigro, President of the Province of Matera. [ [http://www.ilpomeridiano.it/a/politica-1/sono-nati-i--22popolari-uniti-22-416.html sono nati i popolari uniti politica Matera [il pomeridiano informatore telematico ] ]

In the 2008 general election the party won 4.1% of the vote in Basilicata for the Senate.


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