Brinsley (disambiguation)

Brinsley (disambiguation)

Brinsley may refer to:

* Brinsley, Nottinghamshire, England
* Frank Brinsley (born 1971), American radio personality

People with the given name Brinsley:

* Brinsley Butler, 2nd Earl of Lanesborough (18th century), Grand Master of the Freemasons in Ireland
* Brinsley Forde (born 1952), Guyanese musician
* Brinsley Le Poer Trench, 8th Earl of Clancarty (1911-1995), prominent ufologist
* Brinsley MacNamara (1890-1963), Irish novelist
* Brinsley Schwarz (musician) (born 1947), English guitarist and rock musician
* Edmund Brinsley Teesdale (1915-1997), Colonial Secretary of Hong Kong
* Richard Brinsley Knowles (1820-1882), British journalist
* Richard Brinsley Sheridan (1751-1816), Irish playwright and Whig statesman

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