Cities along the Silk Road

Cities along the Silk Road


Along the continental Silk Road

From Istanbul, Turkey to Yazd, Iran:

From Yazd, Iran to Turpan, China (See below: northern route along the Taklamakan desert):

From Yazd, Iran to Kashi, China:

From Kabul, Afghanistan to Arabian Sea port at Debal, Pakistan

The chain of cities along the northern route along the Taklamakan, probably based on Bento de Góis's itinerary, from Hiarcan (Yarkand) to Cialis (Karasahr or Korla) to Sucieu (Suzhou, Gansu)

The northern route along the Taklamakan Desert from Kashi, China to Anxi, China:

The southern route along the Taklamakan desert from Kashi, China to Anxi, China:

From Anxi, China to Xi'an, China:



Along the Silk Road of the sea

On Southeast Asia

List of Ptolemy

This following list is attributed to Ptolemy. All city names are Ptolemy's, throughout all his works. Most of the names are included in Geographia.

Some of the cities provided by Ptolemy either

  • no longer exist today or
  • have moved to different locations.

Nevertheless, Ptolemy has provided an important historical reference for researchers.

(This list has been alphabetized.)

East - Akhmim, Aromaton Emporion, Axum, Coloe, Dongola, Juba, Maji, Opone, Panopolis, Sarapion, Sennar.
North - Caesarea, Carthage, Cyrene, Leptis Magna, Murzuk, Sijilmassa, Tamanrasset, Tingis.
  • Arabia - Cane, Eudaemon Arabia, Moscha, Mosyllon, Sana, Saphar, Saue.
  • Pakistan - Barbaricum, Peshawer, Taxilla
  • India - Argaru, Astakapra, Bacare, Balita, Barake, Byzantion, Colchi, Erannoboas, Horaia, Kalliena, Mandagora, Melizeigara, Muziris, korkai, Poompuhar, Naura, Nelcynda, Paethana(Paithan), Palaepatmae, Palaesimundu, Poduca, Semylla, Sopatma, Suppara(Nalasopara), , Tagara, Tymdis.

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