List of banks in the Republic of Macedonia

List of banks in the Republic of Macedonia

"List of banks in the Republic of Macedonia"


(Name -- website -- SWIFT code)
*Alpha Bank AD Skopje [] KRSKMK2X
*Eurostandard Banka AD Skopje [] ESWBMK21
*Izvozna i Kreditna Banka AD Skopje [] EXPCMK22
*Investbanka AD Skopje [] INSBMK22
*Kapital Banka AD Skopje [] INPBMK21
*Komercijalna Banka AD Skopje [] KOBSMK2X
*Komercijalno Investiciona Banka AD Kumanovo [] KIBKMK21
*Macedonian Bank for Development Promotion AD Skopje [] MBDPMK22
*NLB Tutunska Banka AD Skopje [] TUTNMK22
*Ohridska Banka AD Ohrid [] ] OHRDMK22
*Postenska Banka AD Skopje [] PSTKMK21
*ProKredit Bank AD Skopje [] PRBUMK22
*Sileks Banka AD Skopje [] SILXMK22
*Stopanska Banka AD Bitola [] STBBMK22
*Stopanska Banka AD Skopje [] STOBMK2X
*TTK Banka AD Skopje [] TTXBMK2X
*Univerzalna Investiciona Banka AD Skopje [] UIBMMK22
*Ziraat Banka AD Skopje [] TCZBMK22

Representative Office of foreign banks

*Bank Austria Creditanstalt AG Represenatative Office - Skopje

aving Houses

*AL KOSA – Stip
*AM - Skopje
*Bavag d.o.o.- Skopje
*Fersped d.o.o. - Skopje
*Gragjanska stedilnica - Skopje
*Inko d.o.o. - Skopje []
*Interfalko - Skopje
*Peon - Strumica
*Mak- BS - Skopje
*Moznosti - Skopje
*Mladinec d.o.o. - Skopje
*FULM stedilnica d.o.o.-Skopje []

Complete list as of April 7th 2008. Based on information from the National Bank of the Republic of Macedonia website []

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