ACEC Cobra

ACEC Cobra

The ACEC Cobra was developed by Ateliers de Constructions Electriques de Charleroi (ACEC) along with the Belgian Army. The ACEC Cobra is an armored personnel carrier with amphibious capabilities. The Cobra was the fifth vehicle prototype of the experimental project to create a vehicle with an electric transmission. The electric transmissions made the vehicle lighter and have more room than previous vehicles. The vehicle was completed in October 1985, but never made it into active service due to the fact that the Cold War ended in 1989/1990.When the Cobra went through performance training in Detroit, the test drivers stated that the electric transmission gave the Cobra equal, if not better, performance and maneuverability than vehicles with mechanical transmissions.The vehicle provided it's passengers with protections from small arms fire, small armour piercing projectiles, and shell splinters. The front plate of the Cobra was mounted with a 7.62 mm MAG machine gun. On the center of the roof, a 12.7 mm M2 HB machine gun was mounted. The machine guns could be replaced with other types of guns like the Oerlikon-Buhrle GAD-AOA armed with a 20 mm cannon. The hull of the Cobra could hold a total of 10 soldiers, five on each side of the vehicle. One of those soldiers would normally man a .50 in machine gun.


*Crew: 2 + 10 (3)
*Combat Weight: 8,500kg (9,500)
*Unloaded Weight: 7,300kg (8,700)
*Power-To-Weight Ratio: 22.35hp/tonne (20)
*Ground Pressure: 0.4kg/ (0.39)
*Length Overall: 4.52m (6.86)
*(Length of Hull: 4.81m)
*Width Overall: 2.75m
*Width Over tracks: 2.72m (2.69)
*Height Overall: 2.32m (2.2)
*Height To Hull Top: 1.76m (1.5)
*Ground Clearance: 0.42m (0.4)
*Track Width: 425mm (420)
*Length of Track on Ground: 2.5m (2.88)
*Armament:Main: 1 x 12.7mm MG (90mm)Secondary: 1 x 7.62mm MG
*Smoke: 2 x 3 smoke dischargers(8 + 16)
*Max Speed (Road): 75km/h
*Max Speed (Water): 10km/h
*Fuel Capacity: 309 litres
*Max Road Range: 600km
*Fording: 1.1m (amphibious with preparation)
*Gradient: 60%
*Side Slope: 45%
*Vertical Obstacle: 0.7m (0.6)
*Trench: 1.6m (1.7)
*Turning Radius: pivot
*Engine: Cummins VT190 super-charged,water cooled diesel, developing 190hp at 3,300rpm
*Transmission: ACEC electrical
*Electrical System: 24v
*Batteries: 2 x 12v
*Suspension: Helicoidal (helical) springs with shock absorbers on first and last road wheel stations
*Turret Power Control: manual / electric
*Turret Traverse: 360 deg.
*Armour: 7.62mm NATO ball all angles at point-blank range.7.62mm AP front armour.105mm HE shrapnel all round. [1]

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