University of Osnabrück

University of Osnabrück

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native_name = Universität Osnabrück
latin_name = Universitas Osnabrugensis

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established = 1974
type = public
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staff = 691 [ [ Universität Osnabrück: Personen, Daten, Fakten] ]
faculty = 793 [ [ Universität Osnabrück: Personen, Daten, Fakten] ]
president = Prof. Dr.-Ing. Claus R. Rollinger
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students = 8,797 [ [ Universität Osnabrück: Personen, Daten, Fakten] ]
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state = Lower Saxony
country = Germany
campus = Urban
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Today it is attended by approximately 9,000 students; the staff of 1,352 consists of 209 professors, assistant professors, and lecturers, 230 additional academic personnel and 461 non-academic personnel. The university is known for a large number of interdisciplinary degree programmes, many of them unique among German universities, including European Studies, Applied Systems Management, and Cognitive Science.


Higher education began in 1632 in Osnabrück with the foundation of the Academia Carolina Osnabrugensis, but this institution was closed a year later as Swedish troops occupied Osnabrück during the Thirty Years' War.

The government of the state of Lower Saxony decided to set up a university in Osnabrück in 1970, and by 1973 had laid down the legal basis for such an institution. The university opened for the summer semester in 1974 as a successor institution to the Adolf Reichwein Teachers' College, which had occupied the former palace of the Prince-Bishopric since 1953.


The main building of Osnabrück University is the baroque castle (built 1667-1675), formerly home and office to the Prince-Bishop of Osnabrück, nowadays housing university administration. It is located close to the city center, with its pedestrian shopping zone, historic buildings and a variety of restaurants, bars and pubs. In summer, the (mostly grass-covered) castle court is used for open air cinema and concerts. Most faculty buildings are scattered in close vicinity of the castle. Sport stadium and gymnasium are a bit further away; the mathematical and natural-scientific faculties as well as the botanical garden are located on the "Westerberg" (the "West Mountain," which in fact is not a mountain but a hill with a park-like aspect, situated in the western part of the city) neighbouring the "Fachhochschule Osnabrück" (University of Applied Science). The distance from the castle to Westerberg can be crossed in about ten minutes by bike or by bus, or twenty to thirty minutes by foot.

Academic degrees

The common academic degree attainable at universities in Austria and Germany is the "Diplom" (diploma), which is roughly comparable to the Master's degree. However, in order to adapt to the Anglo-American academic system (as instructed by the commission of the European Union), German-speaking universities have increasingly been creating Bachelor's/Master's courses of studies since the late 1990s. These will, by 2010, replace the classical "Diplom" courses.

Faculties and Degree Programmes

* School of Biology/Chemistry
** Biology
** Biology of Cells
** Biology of Organisms
** Chemistry
** Material Science
* School of Cultural and Geo-Sciences
** Art/Pedagogy of Art
** Geography
** History
** History of Art
** International Migration and Intercultural Relations
** Philosophy
** Textile Design
* School of Economic Sciences
** Business Economy
** Information Systems (German-English course of studies)
** National Economy
* School of Educational and Cultural Sciences
** Catholic Theology
** Education Management and School Development
** Educational Science
** Evangelical Theology
** Musical Education/Science of Music
** Physical Education/Science of Sport
** Science Education
* School of Human Sciences
** Cognitive Science (German-English course of studies)
** Cosmetology
** Health Sciences
** Nursing Sciences
** Pediatric and Adolescent Psychotherapy
** Psychological Psychotherapy
** Psychology
* School of Law
** Economical Criminal Law
** Economical Law
** Science of Law
** Science of Tax
* School of Linguistics and Literature
** Anglistics, English
** Germanistics, German
** Latin
** Media (Film and Television)
** Romanistics (Two Languages)
** Romanistics/French
** Romanistics/Italian
** Romanistics/Spanish
* School of Mathematics/Computer Science
** Applied Systems Science
** Cognitive Mathematics
** Information Engineering (English course of studies)
** Geoinformatics
** Mathematics
** Mathematics with Application Subject
** Mathematics/Computer Science
* School of Physics
** Physics
** Physics with Computer Science
** Physics/Advanced Materials
* School of Social Sciences
** European Studies
** Social Sciences (Sociology or Political Science as major)

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