Beinn an Tuirc windfarm

Beinn an Tuirc windfarm

Beinn an Tuirc wind farm in Argyll, Scotland has 46 turbines with a total generating capacity of 30.36 MW, and is operated by Scottish Power. [cite web| url=| title=Corporate Responsibility: Case Studies| work=Scottish Power| accessdate=2008-04-05] It was commissioned in 2001 and started operation in 2002. It cost £21 million to build. The turbines were built Danish company Vestas, which specializes in their manufacture. It is 10 miles (16 kilometres) north of Campbeltown on the slopes of the Beinn an Tuirc, the highest hill on the Kintyre peninsula.cite web| url=| title=Beinn an Tuirc Wind Farm| work=Gazetteer for Scotland| accessdate=2008-04-08] Scottish Power was awarded a Queen's Award for Enterprise in 2006 for constructing Beinn an Tuirc and Black Law wind farms with a "collaborative and responsible approach".cite news| url=| title=Scots firms receive royal honours| work=BBC News| accessdate=2008-04-08| date=2006-04-20] This referred to the company's practice of taking into account environmental concerns and the wishes of the local community in the wind farms' construction.

One of the V47 turbines suffered a catastrophic failure in November 2007 when a brake problem led to the tower being bent in two. This was the first incident of an operational turbine tower collapsing in the UK. [cite news| title=Kintyre wind farm turbine bends and falls| date=2007-11-15| location=Oban| work=Oban Times] [cite news| url=| title=Bent Double| date=2007-11-16| work=Campbeltown Courier| location=Campbeltown| accessdate=2008-04-05] The farm was closed as a precaution, but soon reopened.

In an unusual move, Scottish Power has offered local rangers £30 for every mountain hare they hand over. The idea is to re-introduce this species to an area near to the wind farm in an attempt to lure golden eagles away from the turbines. The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds said, "Scottish Power's approach in creating this habitat that takes into account local biodiversity is to be welcomed." [cite news| url=| last=Brown| first=Craig| date=2008-03-24| title=Gone today… but hare tomorrow to draw eagles away from turbines| location =Edinburgh| work=The Scotsman]


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