Jus in Bello (Supernatural episode)

Jus in Bello (Supernatural episode)

= Jus in Bello =

Jus in Bello is the 12th episode of the 3rd season of the TV show Supernatural. The episode was originally the 3rd Season finale because of the 2007-2008 WGA Writers Strike of America, but was later changed to the mid-season episode.

Episode Summary

When Sam and Dean break into Bela's apartment to steal back the colt, they are surprised to learn Bela has tipped off Agent Hindreckson, a F.B.I. Agent who has been looking for them. They are arrested and taken to a small jail. Soon, demons attack the prison, cutting off connection with the outside world and the few people left in the jail. Demons surround the prison under the command of the new "chosen" person, meant to lead the demon army. They of course want Sam dead. Hindreckson becomes possessed and after a exorcism, he lets Sam and Dean go, wanting to survive. The three, along with a few other officers, seal up the prison with Devil Traps and salt, to keep the demons out. Soon, Ruby shows up with a plan. To get rid of the demons, they'd have to sacrifice one of the people in the jail. Refusing, Sam, Dean, and Hindreckson come up with their own plan. They let the demons in and trap them, except for one who escapes. Sam uses a loud speaker to give all thirty of them exorcisms. Hindreckson lets Sam and Dean escape. Soon afterwords, Sam and Dean learn the chosen demon, Lillith, who is possessing a little girl's body, showed up at the prison and killed everyone inside, including Hindreckson. Ruby confronts Sam and Dean and tells them next time to go with her plan.

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