Palace of Zarzuela

Palace of Zarzuela

The Palace of Zarzuela (Spanish: "Palacio de la Zarzuela") is the residence of King Juan Carlos of Spain and Queen Sofia as well as his family. The palace is situated inside Monte de El Pardo, in the outskirts of Madrid, northwest of the city centre. The palace is owned by the Spanish state and administered by the Patrimonio Nacional agency. The Palace of Zarzuela is situated in the Royal Palace of El Pardo complex, and near of the Official Residence of the Prince and Princess of Asturias.


During the 17th century, King Felipe IV ordered a small country palace or hunting lodge to be built in a place called La Zarzuela, close to Madrid. It comprised a rectangular, slate-roofed building with two lateral arcades. Carlos IV carried out alterations to the building to adapt it to 18th century taste, and adorned it with tapestries and porcelain, as well as furniture and his much-loved clocks, of which he created a magnificent collection.

Royal residence

The King and Queen of Spain have lived in the palace since their marriage in 1962. After the death of Francisco Franco in 1975, the King and Queen refused to occupy his El Pardo Palace, leaving it for foreign state guests, designating the Moncloa Palace as residence of the President of the Spanish Government, while they remained at Zarzuela. The atmosphere is one of simplicity, comfort and family life. The Royal Palace in the centre of Madrid, the former principal residence of the Spanish kings, is now only used for state occasions.

In summer 2002, the Prince of Asturias moved into a new residence, a 3,150 m² palace built within the La Zarzuela Palace grounds. [ [ | Boda Real - Su casa] ]


The palace theatre was the birthplace of the Spanish operetta style, "zarzuela". "Zarzuela" is thought to be derived from "zarzas" meaning brambles, due to its function as a hunting lodge meaning that it is situated amongst the brambles of the King's Hunting Grounds.


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