Henry George Farmer

Henry George Farmer

Henry George Farmer (b. Birr Barracks, Crinkill, King's County [now County Offaly] , Ireland, January 17, 1882; d. Law, South Lanarkshire, Scotland, December 30, 1965) was a British musicologist specializing in Arabic music. In his writings, he argued passionately for the strong influence of Arabic music over the musical traditions of Europe.

He was born in Ireland, where his father (also named Henry George Farmer, d. 1900) was serving in the Prince of Wales's Leinster Regiment of the British Army. He was the only participant in the 1932 Cairo Congress of Arab Music from the United Kingdom. He also wrote about Turkish, Scottish, and Irish music, as well as British military music.

A collection of Farmer's papers is housed at the Special Collections Department of the Glasgow University Library at the University of Glasgow.



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