Supreme Court of the Australian Capital Territory

Supreme Court of the Australian Capital Territory

The Supreme Court of the Australian Capital Territory is the superior court for the ACT. It has unlimited jurisdiction within the territory in civil matters (although it usually only hears matters involving more than AUD 50,000), and hears the most serious criminal matters. In the Australian court hierarchy it is one of 8 state and territory Supreme Courts having unlimited jurisdiction in their respective parts of Australia.

The court was established on 1 January 1934 by the "Seat of Government Supreme Court Act 1933 (Cth)". The first judge of the court was Lionel Lukin. The first Chief Judge was Russell Walter Fox, appointed when the office was created in 1977. It was substituted for the office of Chief Justice in 1982. The first Chief Justice was Richard Blackburn.

Pursuant to section 37E of the [ Supreme Court Act 1933] , the court is known as the Court of Appeal when it exercises its appellate jurisdiction under Part 2A of the Act.

Current judges

* Chief Justice Terence Higgins (31 January 2003)
* Justice Malcolm Gray (12 October 2000)
* Justice Richard Refshauge (1 February 2008)
* Justice Hilary Penfold (1 February 2008)

ee also

* List of Judges of the Supreme Court of the Australian Capital Territory


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