Imperial crown

Imperial crown

:"Imperial Crown was also a model of car from Imperial, the luxury division of the Chrysler Corporation."

An Imperial Crown is a crown used for the coronation of emperors. In Britain an Imperial Crown is a crown used by a monarch on state occasions other than the coronation, when a special coronation crown is used.

Within the British constitution, "The Crown" is an abstract concept which represents the legal authority for the existence of the government, and, by acts of Parliament, "the Crown" is an imperial crown.

Famous examples of imperial crowns

* Imperial Crown of the Holy Roman Empire - coronation crown of Holy Roman Emperors.
* Imperial State Crown - the crown manufactured for King George VI in 1937, and modelled on an earlier imperial crown from the reign of Queen Victoria, used by British monarchs at state ceremonies such as the State Opening of Parliament.
* Imperial Crown of India - the Imperial Crown worn by King George V at the Delhi Durbar in 1911.
* Imperial Crown of Austria - crown of the Austrian Empire.
* Imperial Crown of Russia - coronation crown of the Russian Tsars.

Legal usage

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Throughout the Commonwealth Realms, The Crown is an abstract concept which represents the legal authority for the existence of any government. It evolved naturally as a separation of the literal crown and property of the nation-state from the person and personal property of the monarch.

Because Pope Clement VII would not grant Henry VIII of England an annulment of his marriage to Catherine of Aragon, the English Parliament passed the Act in Restraint of Appeals (1533) in which it was explicitly stated that:Where by divers sundry old authentic histories and chronicles it is manifestly declared and expressed that this realm of England is an empire, and so hath been accepted in the world, governed by one supreme head and king, having the dignity and royal estate of the imperial crown of the same. [ [ The opening words of the Act in restraint of Appeals, 1533] ] The next year the Act of Supremacy (1534) explicitly tied the headship of the church to the imperial crown::The only supreme head in earth of the Church of England called Anglicana Ecclesia, and shall have and enjoy annexed and united to the imperial crown of this realm. [ [ Excerpt from The Act of Supremacy (1534)] ]

During the reign of Mary I the First Act of Supremacy was annulled, but during the reign of Elizabeth I the Second Act of Supremacy, with similar wording to the First Act, was passed in 1559. During the English Interregnum the laws were annulled, but the acts which caused the laws to be in abeyance were themselves, deemed to be null and void by the Parliaments of the English Restoration, so by act of Parliament "The Crown" of England and (later the British and UK crowns) are imperial crowns.

ee also

* Consort crown
* Coronation crown
* state crown


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