Fred and Mary Andrews

Fred and Mary Andrews

Fred Andrews and Mary Andrews are fictional characters in Archie Comics and the parents of Archie Andrews.

Fred Andrews

Frederick "Fred" Andrews is the father of Archie Andrews and the son of Archie’s grandfather Artie Andrews. Apart from Hiram Lodge, he and his wife Mary appear more than any other parents in Archie Comics. Archie often calls him "Pop", but in other stories, he may simply call him “Dad”. He is somewhat overweight, and his wife sometimes makes him diet, which he hates. He has also lost most of his black hair. Balding, overweight men appear to be common in Archie Comics (Mr. Weatherbee, Coach Kleats, Smithers, Pop Tate).

He works as a businessman, though the specifics of his job are not clear. He sometimes claims himself capable of more skills than he actually is. He is conservative and has old-fashioned ideas, and is bothered by the changes in the new generation, which he must endure due to his having a teenaged son. However, beneath this lies a very soft heart and he occasionally displays a sense of humor towards Archie. The two of them are close, and share many father/son activities. []

Mary Andrews

Mary Andrews is a middle-aged, pleasant-mannered, red-haired woman and Archie’s typical American suburban mother. In earlier years, her hair was white and she was less slender, but most of the parents of Archie characters were given a more youthful appearance in later years. The art style of Archie Comics has grown more detail over the decades, making it easier to illustrate people of different ages without exaggeration.

Though her husband Fred was stereotypically the main breadwinner in earlier decades, she took a job at a real estate agency in later years. She is often the only one who can keep order among the family. She finds it difficult to get Archie to do his chores, his homework, or any other sort of work. Still, she is more tolerant than her husband, and she and Archie have a typical mother/son relationship. At times, Archie will buy his mother womderful gifts like Pendants and similar things like that, which tends to miff Betty and Veronica, (Veronica mostly). Although she is a disciplinarian and her son is always getting into trouble, she never seems to lose her temper with him. []

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