Area codes 305 and 786

Area codes 305 and 786


Area code 305 was originally the default area code for the entire state of Florida. [ [!history/1947.htm NANP Area Code History: 1947] - Accessed December 27, 2007] The western part of the peninsula from the Tampa Bay area south, which was served by non-Bell System telephone companies, was separated into area code 813 in 1953. [ [!history/1940s50s.htm NANP Area Code History: 1948 - 1959] - Accessed December 27, 2007] As a result of the increase in the state's population, Northern Florida, from the Panhandle to Jacksonville, was assigned area code 904 in 1965, effective Sunday, July 11, 1965 as a flash-cut, with no formal permissive dialing period. [ [!history/1960s.htm NANP Area Code History: 1960 - 1969] - Accessed December 27, 2007] This lasted until 1988 when the east coast of Florida from Palm Beach County north through Brevard County, as well as the Orlando metropolitan area was assigned area code 407. [ [!history/1980s.htm NANP Area Code History: 1980 - 1989] - Accessed December 27, 2007] In 1995 Broward County was split from 305 and assigned area code 954. In 1998 area code 786 was assigned to relieve the large demand for phone lines in the Miami area. "Area Code 305" was a bar in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Each table had an inhouse phone line and its extension number was written in large characters above the table to encourage telephone flirting across the room.Fact|date=June 20081998] "Three-Oh-Five" has been the title of many Miami hip-hop songs, and the area code is a pop-culture staple in Miami.Fact|date=June 2008

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W = 239
This = area code 305 partially overlaid by 786
E = 242
S = Country code +53 in Cuba

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