Wilding conifer

Wilding conifer

Wilding conifers, also known as wilding pines, are invasive tree species in New Zealand.

In the South Island, they threaten 210,000 hectares of land administered by the Department of Conservation. The wilding conifers are considered to be a threat to biodiversity and to landscape values since they become dominant in areas that are considered to be natural environments.

In it's current Pest Management Strategy the Canterbury Regional Council has the objective of eradicating all self sown wilding conifers in ecologically sensitive areas in its jurisdiction. To do this a range of measures are used including carrying out wilding conifer control operations, encouraging the reporting the presence of wilding conifers, encouraging the removal of seed sources and advocating changes to the district plans of the territorial authorities to prevent or control the planting of inappropriate conifers. [cite book|author=Canterbury Regional Council|title=Canterbury Regional Pest Management Strategy (2005)|publisher=Canterbury Regional Council|location=Christchurch, New Zealand|date=June 2005|isbn=1-86937-563-7| url=http://www.ecan.govt.nz/NR/rdonlyres/7078AB75-8C26-4EAA-B076-B97F4743CF42/0/CanterburyRegionalPestManagementStrategyweb.pdf| accessdate=2008-09-06]


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* [http://www.doc.govt.nz/templates/MultiPageDocumentTOC.aspx?id=40045 Department of Conservation] - "South Island Wilding Conifer Strategy" (2001)
* [http://www.doc.govt.nz/templates/MultiPageDocumentTOC.aspx?id=40087 Department of Conservation] - "Wilding Pines"
* [http://www.wildingconifers.org.nz/index.php South Island Wilding Conifer Management Group]

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