Journey's End (Doctor Who)

Journey's End (Doctor Who)


"Blue Peter" presenter Gethin Jones controlled one of the Daleks that escorts the human prisoners aboard the Crucible.cite news
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] He previously played a Cyberman in "Rise of the Cybermen" and has made a cameo appearance as himself in "Doctor Who" spin-off "The Sarah Jane Adventures" in the episode "Invasion of the Bane".cite news
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title = Gethin Jones
date = 2008-07-06
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] cite episode | title = Invasion of the Bane | series = The Sarah Jane Adventures | credits = Writers Gareth Roberts, Russell T Davies, Director Colin Teague, Producer Susie Liggat | network = BBC | station = BBC One | city = Cardiff | airdate = 2007-01-01]

Another Doctor

One significant feature of this episode is the creation of a second Doctor. Unlike the multiple Doctors of stories such as "The Two Doctors", where his previous incarnations were played by actors or depicted in old footage, this Doctor is identical in appearance to the Tenth Doctor. In the accompanying "Doctor Who Confidential" for this episode, Davies explains "This is so busy and so "mental" and so epic and universal in scale that of course you need two Doctors to solve it." Phil Collinson, Graeme Harper, and David Tennant discuss the use of the double, a musician called Colum Regan [Colum Regan is credited as body double to David Tennant, "Voyage of the Damned" - [ source] ] who is a very good physical match for Tennant. Collinson explains that while with an unlimited budget they would use Tennant in every shot, "we only have a certain number of effects shots where you can see the two Doctors together, so we have to pick those carefully."

Harper is then shown directing a scene in which both Regan and Tennant are shown around the TARDIS console. Harper explains that in "two or three wide shots" they were able to use Regan and Tennant together. For the most part the double is used for scenes where one or the other Doctor is only seen from behind, or only an arm or back of the head is seen in a shot. The double has appeared in other episodes throughout the series. Over documentary footage showing the shooting of the scene where the new Doctor emerges from the TARDIS, Tennant describes the procedure for making an effects shot involving Tennant as both Doctors. The camera is locked in place while Tennant goes off and changes clothing, with Regan holding his place. A shot is made for reference with Regan, then another shot is made without Regan. This enables the shots to be merged during editing to create the effect of having David Tennant in two places in the same shot.

Broadcast and reception


The episode was screened free in Trafalgar Square in London as part of Pride London 2008; the third series finale was planned to be shown during the 2007 event, but was cancelled as a security measure.cite news|url=|title=Gripping finale of Doctor Who closes Pride show in Trafalgar Square|publisher=Pride London|accessdate=2007-06-25] cite news|url=|title=Doctor Who dropped at London Pride 2007|publisher=Outpost Gallifrey|accessdate=2007-07-02] cite web|url=|title=Doc hits Trafalgar Square|last=Reporter|first=Online|date=2008-07-04|publisher="The Sun"|accessdate=2008-07-09] A teaser trailer was appended to promote the 2008 Christmas Special featuring the Cybermen in their first appearance since "Doomsday".

"Journey's End" was watched by 10.57 million viewers when broadcast on BBC1, [cite web|url=|date=2008-07-16|accessdate=2008-07-16|publisher=BARB|title=Weekly Viewing Summary w/e 06/07/2008] giving it a 45.9% share of the total television audience. The episode was the most-viewed programme of the week; "Journey's End" is the first "Doctor Who" episode to receive this rank. It also received an Appreciation Index score of 91, equalling the record for the programme set by its predecessor "The Stolen Earth". [ [ Outpost Gallifrey: Doctor Who RSS News Feed ] ] [ [ The Doctor Who News Page] , "Journey's End - Overnight Ratings", 6 July, 2008, Doctor Who News website.] [cite news |title=Doctor Who finale watched by 9.4m |url= |publisher=BBC News |date=2008-07-06 |accessdate=2008-07-07 ] cite web |title='Doctor Who' finale pulls in 9.4 million |url= |last=West |first=Dave |publisher=Digital Spy |date=2008-07-06 |accessdate=2008-07-07 ] cite web|url=|title=Fan calls can't get thr-Who|last=Nathan|first=Sara|date=2008-07-07|publisher="The Sun"|accessdate=2008-07-09] A story on the BBC News website described fan reaction of the serials on the Digital Spy and Ain't It Cool News forums as "mixed". [ [ Mixed reaction to Doctor's finale] , BBC News, 7 July, 2008]

Critical reception

"The Telegraph's" John Preston states that this episode of "Doctor Who" " [a] s usual...served up a lot more than mere excitement." He credits "Doctor Who"'s success partly to its "richly defined characters behaving in readily identifiable ways."cite web
url ='s-End.html#continue
title = Dr Who: Review of the finale of Journey's End
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] Also of "The Telegraph", Sarah Crompton wrote that the episode was "exciting, incomprehensible, satisfying and slightly irritating all at the same time". Although Crompton said "It was inevitable that the start would be an anti-climax", she praised the special effects and also noted that she would miss "the warmth and humour" that Tate brought to the series.cite web
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] Lucy Mangan in a humourous review for "The Guardian" that rewrites the dialogue between Tennant's and Cribbins' characters at the end as a discussion of the plot, described it as providing "something for everyone".cite web
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title = The Weekend's TV: Daleks, Davros and two David Tennants - the finale of Doctor Who had something for everyone
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] In "The Times", Andrew Billen called "Journey's End" "a spectacular finale that...gave the lie to the truism that more always, dramatically speaking, adds up to less." [cite web
title=Doctor Who; Criminal Justice
work=The Times

Mark Wright of "The Stage" likens "Journey’s End" to "one big house of cards... [that] will come crashing down" if thought about too much. However, he had no problem with the resolution of "The Stolen Earth"'s cliffhanger and is critical of those who complain about feeling cheated by the lack of a regeneration. Though he expresses that he saw little need for Mickey and Jackie in this episode, he asserts that Donna had "the saddest end for a companion ever" and praises Davies for just managing to keep the plot together. He argues that as Davies "writes the emotions and big themes so well...blow logic and rational plot moments if they get in the way!" He compares Davies's writing style to "PT Barnum showmanship" and praises both the dark and light elements of the episode. He concludes that, if not overthought, the episode remains "an audacious, big, silly, often poignant season finale".cite web
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Writing for "The Mirror", Jim Shelley is highly critical of this episode in his review describing it as " [d] emented rather than dazzling". He was confused by the two Doctors played by David Tennant, saw little development in Donna across the series and was puzzled by the Doctor's attempt to save his arch-enemy, Davros. He claims that "amidst all the shrieking, shouting, and mock operatic bluster, [he was] sure [he] saw a kitchen sink thrown in for good measure. Riddled with scientific mumbo-jumbo, it was too chaotic and long-winded to be the classic farewell Russell T Davies promised." He argues that the plot "went haywire" and that "Rose and the two Tennants acted out a sort of twisted menage a trois." In conclusion he states "Tennant's cheeky chappie mannerisms made the show into an extraterrestrial "EastEnders"."cite web
url =
title = Jim Shelley's thoughts on the Doctor Who finale
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In Scotland's "Daily Record", Paul English called the episode "yet another fizzing "Doctor Who" adventure" and said that "Writer and producer Russell T Davies makes TV with the epic feel of the movies. He gets more tension, humour and emotion into an hour of telly than many films manage in twice the time with double the budget." He lamented that "Journey's End" "lacked the goofiness" of the series' 2005 return, but concluded that the finale was "TV gold". [cite news |first=Paul |last=English |title= A toast to you know Who |url= |work=Daily Record |date=2008-07-10 |accessdate=2008-07-10 ]

Dave Golder of "SFX" says "If, while your brain is telling you, 'This is crap!' your heart is still doing backflips then it's your kind of episode. 'Journey's End' is almost a two fingers up at technobabble; there's certainly tons of it in the episode, but it's largely irrelevant." He praises the action sequences and the portrayal of Donna, Davros, Rose and the Doctor, but remarks that the overcrowding of minor characters made parts of the script seem "underdeveloped" and describes the Daleks as mostly " [c] annon fodder". " [The] plot does hang together, but only just". Overall, he describes the episode as "exceptional" but "not perfect".

Ben Rawson-Jones of Digital Spy describes the episode as "a satisfying and epic crowdpleasing conclusion" to the series and particularly praises Tate and Donna's exit. He states the episode mixes poignant and haunting scenes with "'punch the air' moments and fan-pleasing twists." Noting the episode is "not entirely flawless", he is critical of the Daleks' seemingly "too convenient" demise arguing that it undermines their menace.cite web
url =
title = S04E13: 'Journey's End'
date = 2008-07-10
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last = Rawson-Jones
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] Writing for the "Doctor Who" blog on the "Radio Times" website, William Gallagher called "Journey's End" "event drama" and "party television". He stated that the resolution to the regeneration cliff-hanger left him feeling "a bit cheated", but praised the episode's characterisation, concluding that David Tennant "has been the best Doctor of them all" and that "Doctor Who" is the best drama on TV: it's the one with most verve and spark and exuberant excitement." [cite web |url= |title=Doctor Who: Journey's End |accessdate=2008-07-07 |last=Gallagher |first=William |date=2008-07-05 |work=Radio Times website] John Beresford of "TV Scoop" called the finale "just about the most exciting Doctor Who episode [he could] ever remember", and "a fantastically imaginative, exciting and action-packed finale to the fourth series." [cite web |url= |title=TV Review: Doctor Who: Journey's End |accessdate=2008-07-07 |last=Beresford |first=John |date=2008-07-06 |work=TV Scoop]


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