Greek football league system

Greek football league system

The Greek football league system include five levels in which teams can possibly make it to Super League Greece, Greece's highest division of football.

Cup Eligibility

Greek Cup: Levels 1-3
Greek Football Amateur Cup: Levels 4 and 5

Promotion and relegation

Super League Greece: Bottom three clubs relegated to Beta Ethniki.
Beta Ethniki: Top three clubs promoted to Super League Greece. Bottom three relegated to Gamma Ethniki to either "North" or "South" group based on location. There may be an uneven number in the North and South groups.
Gamma Ethniki: The champions of each group, plus the winner of a play-off round between the runner up, are promoted to Beta Ethniki. The bottom five teams of each group are relegated to the semi-professional Delta Ethniki.
Delta Ethniki: The top team in each group is promoted to Gamma Ethniki. Groups 1-5 promote to the "North" group of the division, and groups 6-10 promote to the "South" group. The five/six last place team in each group is relegated to the local championships.
Local championships: The top team in each regional league is entered into the promotional playoffs with other regions that would promote to the same Delta Ethniki group as they would. The winner of each knockout competition is promoted to their respected group in Delta Ethniki.

League Pyramid

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